Norwegian Mountains, Sogn og Fjordane

Nuken, 919m

County/Municipipality: Sogn og Fjordane/Sogndal     
Maps: 1417-III Sogndal (Statens Kartverk, Norge 1:50 000)
Primary  factor: 129m
Hiked: Many times since 2009
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Nuken (left of center)

Nuken (left of center)
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Nuken is a popular hiking destination and can be hiked (or skied) directly from Sogndal. That said, most people would like to start from a slightly higher elevation than sea level.

A good starting point for the hike is Åberge, but parking can be difficult and to avoid blocking farm traffic, it is recommended to start at Røvhaugane, where there is parking space.

Another popular starting point is Åsen. You get there by following the Dalavegen road from Sogndal and take the Eggum exit. After 0,7km, go left on the Åsavegen road. The toll road begins at Skori (Vipps/cash) and takes you to 660m elevation. From here, Nuken is a 2,8km hike away.

Nuken is not a typical skiing mountain. The road to Åsen is closed in winter and on the road from Åberge to Hølsete, you may find tractor tracks, making a ski-descent a bit cumbersome.


The most frequently used routes to Nuken

The most frequently used routes to Nuken
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If you start out from Røvhaugane, all paths lead to Åberge (as long as you don't start descending). Just above the Åberge farms, you can continue up the forest road to Hølsete, but you can also take the marked path to Bjellastølen and ascend Nuken via Åsen.

If you take the route via Hølsete, the path forks (signpost) shortly after passing the old farm buildings. You can take the 2km route, which can be very wet, or you can take the 3km route (which is more like 3,5km) which is more frequently used.

The Røvhaugane trailhead

The Røvhaugane trailhead
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The Åsen trailhead

The Åsen trailhead
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Primary factor:

Nuken (Norge 1:50,000: 919m, Økonomisk Kartverk: 919,6m, UTM 32 V 396985 6794121), N61.26770 E7.07897  has a primary factor of 129m towards the higher parent Tylderingen (1104m). The defining saddle (approx. UTM 32 V 396289 6796686) is found at Øktarskard - approx. 790m elevation.

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