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Øyrahornet on skis, Dec 24 2010

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To visit the local mountains on Christmas Eve has become a nice tradition. In 2009, I went up Kongsvollen Haddalshornet got a visit in 2008, Storhornet on Godøya was visited in 2007 and the list goes on...

After a nice breakfast, Anne and me drove to Tjørvåg on Gurskøya to ski Øyrahornet. Anne had already been to quite a number of the Ytre Søre Sunnmøre mountains, but this would be her first trip to Øyrahornet. It was a gorgeous day, and the snow seemed for the most part to be just excellent. We parked outside the local store and I'm sure that a number of people found it quite strange to see two Telemark skiers leave the store...


On the way to Øyrahornet

On the way to Øyrahornet
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The snow kept changing as we made progress up the mountain. From first class quality in the forest, to wind-packed, and then to slightly icy before it improved near the top. In any case, the descent would be enjoyable, and the forest section in particular.

We eventually arrived on the summit and enjoyed the phenomenal views before starting to long home to start on the Christmas dinner. And to make sure the Aquavit had the proper temperature...



On Øyrahornet

On Øyrahornet
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The descent was just as enjoyable as we had hoped it would be. The section with wind-packed snow caused a couple of falls, but the rest of the descent was just smoooooooth. The store had closed by the time we returned to the trailhead. There was a quiet atmosphere and now we really felt that Christmas Eve had begun...



Skiing down Øyrahornet

Skiing down Øyrahornet
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The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 550D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6

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To Øyrahornet

1. Garnestua massif 2. Tjørvåg trailhead 3. Huldrehornet 4. On the way 5. In the forest 6. Up the forest 7. Getting steeper 8. Taking on the hill 9. Liadalsnipa 10. Tjørvågane waters 11. Good views 12. Smile, it is Christmas 13. Almost up 14. Closing in on the top 15. Ulsteinvik 16. Just a few yards now 17. Anne reaches the top 18. Me, trailing behind 19. Runde 20. Nerlandsøya 21. Bergsøya 22. Roppehornet 23. Ørsta peaks 24. Huldrehornet 25. Leinøya 26. On the summit 27. Enjoying the views


28. Time to head home 29. Soft and delicious snow 30. Here we go... 31. And off she went 32. Leaving the sunshine 33. Anne in a fine flow 34. A partly steep descent 35. A low centre of gravity... 36. A small jump for man 37. Who-hey! 38. The forest part was good fun 39. Forest slalom

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