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Møre og Romsdal consists of 37 kommuner and the county is divided into three geographic regions; Nordmøre (north), Romsdal (central) and Sunnmøre (south). These geographies are broken into smaller regions, such as "Ytre Sunnmøre", "Indre Romsdal", etc. There are 6 towns/cities (Ålesund, Molde, Kristiansund, Åndalsnes, Ulsteinvik and Fosnavåg).

In terms of mountains (which is the purpose of this site), Møre og Romsdal is a very exciting county. The only thing missing, when compared to Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane (the other counties featured on this site) are the major glaciers. Everything else of interest can be found here.

Left: the city of Ålesund

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In Møre og Romsdal county, I would like to highlight five mountain regions that have their individual characteristics;

1) Sunnmørsalpene (Sykkylven, Ørsta, Stranda) are defined by long and sharp mountain ridges. Some of the mountain tops on these ridges require climbing. The most prominent ridges are found on both sides of Hjørundfjorden - a "sanctuary" for the mountaineering pioneers in Norway, and the generations to come. Kolåstinden, Slogen, and Molladalstindane are well known names to every Norwegian mountain enthusiast.

Peaks above Hjørundfjorden (and side fjords) seen from Saksa.

2) Romsdalsfjella (Rauma) are primarily located around Åndalsnes and the Romsdalen valley. Although not among the highest in this region, Romsdalshorn (picture to the left) has perhaps the most characteristic mountain face in Møre og Romsdal county, and I am not forgetting Slogen, Kolåstinden or Molladalstindane. In this region, you will also find "Trollveggen", a notorious wall that offers Europe's longest vertical drop (1000m+) and a haven for climbers. Basejumping is forbidden here. This region offers also some of the very finest Norwegian mountains for Telemark skiing. Kyrkjetaket, for example, offers 1000m of straight-line descent, and Finnan can be skied in July!

Trollveggen seen from Blånebba

3) Among Tafjordfjella (Norddal/Rauma), you find Puttegga (1999m) - the highest mountain in Møre og Romsdal. A number of other mountains in this region exceed 1800m and the area is considered "remote". While the majority of Sunnmørsalpene and Romsdalen peaks can be done on day-hikes, people normally spend a night or two in tents or in mountain huts, when visiting the high Tafjord mountains. This area is better for cross-country skiing, as most of the area is high-country terrain.

High-country mountains seen from Finnan above Romsdalen

4) You will find some large and interesting mountains that define the Sunndalen and Innerdalen valleys. Follow the Sunndalen valley, and it will lead you to (a.o) Dovrefjell - one of three mountain regions in Norway that has peaks exceeding 2000m elevation. In this region, you will also find the highest mountains in Sunndal kommune.

Store Trolla is a major mountain that faces both Sunndalen and Innerdalen. Innerdalstårnet (left) is perhaps the most characteristic peak in the region.

(Innerdalstårnet seen from Store Trolla. Photo by Petter Bjørstad)


5) Let's use the city Ålesund as the common denominator for the coastal region stretching from Herøy to Vestnes, also including Ålesund, Hareid, Ulstein, Giske, Haram, Midsund, Skodje, Ørskog and Sula. This region has a large number of interesting viewpoints, where the sea view brings in the extra dimension. Blåskjerdingen (Haram), Trolltinden and Sprovstinden on Ørskogfjellet being a few of those viewpoint.

Coastal view from Blåskjerdingen

County statistics

1. The "high top" municipalities.

> 1000m
> 1500m
Peaks, PF
> 600m
Rauma 135¹ 71² 16¹
Norddal 98² 75¹ 7
Sunndal 86³ 60³ 12³
Ørsta 81 17 15²
Stranda 79 35 12³
Nesset 72 39 8
Surnadal 49 8 11
Sykkylven 25 6 7
Rindal 8 3 1
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