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Eggjenibba, 1338m (Eggenibba, Eggenipa)
Trollebottseggane, 1419m

Fylke/Kommune : Sogn og Fjordane/{Gloppen,Jølster)
Maps : Eggjenibba: 1318-III Breim
(Statens Kartverk, Norge 1:50 000)
Maps : Trollebottseggane: ?
Primary factor : Eggjenibba: 409m
Primary factor : Trollebottseggane: 209m
Hiked : Aug 2005
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Eggjenibba with snow

Eggjenibba with snow

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Eggjenibba has a profile that is hard to forget when you drive on highway E39 from Byrkjelo to Skei in Sogn and Fjordane county. If you love mountains, that is. Otherwise, you may be occupied watching cows, sheep and goats that dominate this road in the summertime.

At first glance, the mountain may seem difficult to ascend without climbing. However, the fact is that Eggjenibba is nothing more than a afternoon hike if you are reasonable fit. The trailhead is quite high (approx. 545m) and a T-trail guides you safely up and down even in fog. Fixed ropes and chains helps you easily up and down the scrambling sections between 960m and 1080m elevation. A very fit hiker will reach the top of this mountain within the hour. With a normal pace, allow up to 2,5 hours for the ascent.

It is popular to traverse the mountain and descend down to Øvredalen valley from Lake Heggheimsvatnet. The estimated (normal) time for the total hike is 5,5 hours. Besides the short section with ropes and chains upon ascent, there are no further tricky points along the way. In my opinion, the mountain *never* gets airy, which is quite unbelievable given the profile as seen from the north.

The route description below only applies for Eggjanibba. It is possible to include Trollebottseggane (1419m) on the way "down" (and Storfonn for that matter). Refer to the trip report for further details regarding Trollebottseggane.

Primary factor:

Eggjenibba (M711: 1338m, Ø.K: -) has a primary factor of 409m towards the higher Trollebottseggane (1419m). The saddle is found between the two mountains, just N of Lake Heggheimsvatnet. Ref. the 1318-III map (20m contours), you cross the 940m contours on the high route, but not 920m. The saddle height has been interpolated to 930m.

Trollebottseggene (M711: 1419m, Ø.K: 1419,34m) has a primary factor of 209m towards the higher Storfonn (1586m). The saddle is found above the east end of Lake Trollebottsvatnet. Ref. the M711 map (20m contours), you cross the 1220m contours on the high route, but not 1200m. The saddle height has been interpolated to 1210m. The map shows a 1215m point in the saddle, but I don't know if this marks the saddle's low or high point.

Trail descriptions:

Notes: Class ratings are in reference to YDS. Click here for more information.

The trails described below are not necessarily the *easiest* trails to this mountain.

Egge - Eggjenibba traverse (summer/autumn)

Difficulty : Class 3 (without using chains)
Exposure : Local exposure if chains are not used
Comments : Easier than it looks
Distance : Approx. 10,5Km round trip
Time : Approx. 5,5 hours round trip
Starting Elev.: Approx. 545m
Vertical Gain : Approx. 850m (total)

Map of the area
Map of the area
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Detailed map
Detailed map
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Locate the gravel road towards "Øvredalen" (signed, but hard to see) by Egge between Byrkjelo and Skei. The exit is 14,3Km from the highway E39/RV5 junction in Skei. Follow this road ("Høgredalsvegen") 3,4Km to the Eggjenibba trailhead. This is a toll road. The fee station is located 300m from the start of the road. The fee for passenger cars (per Aug 2005) is NOK 20,-.

The route

From the parking, follow the path towards Eggjenibba (signed). The trail climbs steep westbound up the forest and can be quite boggy in places. Once you hit the ridge, follow the T-trail that guides you upwards. Ropes and chains have been put in place on cliffbands between 960m and 1080m elevation. These pitches are not difficult to scramble without using the ropes or chains, but you would have felt that the mountain was more challenging if the aids had not been there. Above these cliffbands, the terrain up to the summit is rocky, but never airy or difficult.

Follow the T-trail from the summit and down to Lake Heggheimsvatnet, where you pass point 1050m to the south and descend down to Øvredalen valley from the Eggjenibba - Trollebottseggane pass. Make sure you follow the T-trail as short-cuts can get you into trouble.

Cross the river from Lake Trollebottsvatnet via a ladder that has been put in place. It may look unstable, but it works out quite well (given that the water stays below the ladder). Follow visible path all the way back to the trailhead.

Trip report Aug 10 2005

I had hiked Hornindalsrokken on the Sogn og Fjordane/Møre og Romsdal county border the day before, and decided that I should visit Eggjenibba on the way back to Bergen. The mountain had "haunted" me ever since I saw it for the first time. Initially, I thought this was a mountain that required climbing, but later learned that this was not the case. I checked into a hotel in Skei and treated myself with a good dinner and a few rounds of beer in the bar. The hotel was packed with tourists, and I was lucky to get a room.

As I headed up from the parking in Øvredalen 08:37AM the next morning, I didn't expect any form of challenge. An older man down in Egge had told me that 111 people (!) reached the top the last day of July this year. This was, as I understood it, a race that was to happen once a year, and this was the first time. He mentioned 52 minutes to the top. I don't know if that was the record for the day or if that was his time.

As I reached the main ridge and the lower cliffbands, I noticed that chains and ropes were available in places that otherwise might feel a bit spooky. I wanted to climb up these short sections without the aid of the chains and ropes, just to get the feeling of the "natural difficulty". There is no question of falling *off* the mountain, just back down to the previous level. Which should, of course, be avoided. The upwards scrambling was fairly easy. Class 3 (YDS). It would have felt more difficult if I had to descend here without using the chains.

I reached the top 09:50AM. It had taken me approx. 1h:10m to ascend 850 vertical meters, in not a very fast pace and with a lot of stops for pictures (the estimated time to the top is 2,5 hours). I signed the guestbook and noticed the 111 persons who signed in 31/7/05. Amazing...

After taking pictures from the summit, I moved on. The clouds were building up below me. I assumed that the descent route was marked, so there would be no problems. As I didn't plan for Eggjenibba when I went to Hornindal the day before, I had no maps of the area. This was annoying, because I had now set my eyes on a mountain above Lake Heggheimsvatnet. I had no idea about the name, the height or if it was an "independent mountain". I called my friend Torbjørn and asked him to look up this mountain. He reported back that the mountain was Trollebottseggane, 1419m. With a primary factor of at least 200m. Thanks for Torbjørn for his help!

The fog lifted when I reached the Eggjenibba - Trollebottseggane pass, and I decided to visit this mountain. The time was now 11:30AM, and I had all the time in the world. It took me 55 minutes to ascend the 490m up to the summit. I didn't see too much that I hadn't seen from Eggjenibba, so there was no reason to stay long. I headed back to the pass and began the descent to Øvredalen valley. The remaining snowfield was very convenient, and I had a good slide on my feet down the snow. I looked up to the waterfalls up to my right and wondered how the river should be crossed. I then noticed a ladder that would act as the bridge. I might have been sceptical as I watched it from distance, but the ladder worked well. If there is ever more water coming down the mountain, the crossing might get challenging. I guess then the clue is to stay on the left-hand side of the river and ford it down in the valley.

Passing Gåsemyrstøylen was fun. Giant rocks have come off the mountain and two cabins have been built next to the rocks. If it was the other way around, someone had a lucky day! I reached the trailhead 14:20PM, less than 6 hours after leaving. A very enjoyable hike had come to an end.

Pictures from the Aug 10 2005 hike

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To Skei, Aug 9

1. View from outside Stryn (171KB) 2. Skaala - a very cool mountain above Loen (171KB) 3. Eggjenibba seen from Utvikfjellet (156KB) 4. Myklebustbreen (167KB) 5. Passing Eggjenibba (143KB) 6. Paraglider and Eggjenibba (118KB)

To Eggjenibba, next day

7. Botnafjellet and fog (202KB) 8. Eggjenibba seen from near Klakegg (145KB) 9. On the way to Ovredalen (116KB) 10. On the way up Eggjenibba (217KB) 11. View down to the trailhead (395KB) 12. Approaching the lower cliffbands (355KB) 13. Terrain details (306KB) 14. Terrain details (293KB) 15. Terrain details (444KB) 16. Approaching the second cliffband (216KB) 17. Terrain details (289KB) 18. Terrain details (434KB) 19. High terrain is boulder (227KB) 20. View towards Byrkjelo (296KB) 21. Approaching the summit (242KB) 22. Summit ahead (220KB) 23. The summit cairn (144KB)

Eggjenibba views

24. North view from Eggjenibba (841KB) 25. South view from Eggjenibba (476KB) 26. Storfonn seen from Eggjenibba (263KB) 27. Daurmaal seen from Eggjenibba (292KB) 28. Zoom towards parts of Jostedalsbreen (627KB) 29. Gjegnen seen from Eggjenibba (177KB) 30. Botnafjellet seen from Eggjenibba (232KB)

To Trollebottseggane

31. Leaving Eggjenibba (266KB) 32. Leaving Eggjenibba (585KB) 33. On the way to Heggheimsvatnet (545KB) 34. Daurmaal (202KB) 35. Sheep cooling off (207KB) 36. Heggheimsstoylen (346KB) 37. Heggheimsvatnet (389KB) 38. In the pass (272KB) 39. On the way to Trollebottseggane (442KB) 40. View from the Trollebottseggane ridge (470KB) 41. View from the Trollebottseggane ridge (317KB) 42. Approaching the summit (233KB)

Views from Trollebottseggane

43. Trollebottseggane summit views (757KB) 44. Trollebottseggane summit views (728KB) 45. Snonipa seen from Trollebottseggane (707KB) 46. Trollebottseggane summit views (436KB) 47. Lake Trollebottsvatnet (182KB) 48. Eggjenibba seen from Trollebottseggane (182KB) 49. Trollebottseggane summit views  (758KB) 50. Snonipa seen from Trollebottseggane (277KB) 51. Stardalen (195KB) 52. Storfonn seen from Trollebotsseggane (564KB)


53. Descending to Ovredalen (122KB) 54. Crossing the river (234KB) 55. Gaasemyrstoylen (362KB) 56. Valley views (186KB) 57. Steep mountains (259KB) 58. Eggjestoylen (247KB) 59. Eggjestoylen (319KB) 60. Goats on highway E39 (224KB)

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Pictures from other hikes:

1. Våtedalen and Eggjenibba 2. Eggjenibba, Våtedalen 3. Eggjenibba 4. Eggjenibba 5. View from the route to Grovabreen 6. Eggenibba in Våtedalen 7. Eggjenibba 8. Eggjenibba 9. Zoom view from Sandegga

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