Pictures from car trips

Shit! What's that over the hill? (S. Dakota)
Listen to the bear! (California)
Washing for gold (El Dorado, California)
Lowest point in USA (Death Valley, California)
Ready for some golf? (Death Valley, California)
Half Dome and the valley (Yosemite, California)
El Capitan (Yosemite, California)
Tenaya Lake (Sierra Nevadas, California)
Where's the glaciers? (Glacier Natl. Park, Montana)
Mt. Mc Kinley (Denali, Alaska)
So this is where he lives? (North Pole, Alaska)
At last, a gun-free highway (Alaska)
Just like home (Norway) (Portage Glacier, Alaska)
Mighty view (Portage Glacier, Alaska)
Mt. Rainier (Washington)
End of the journey I. From Santa Monica to Daytona (Daytona Beach, Florida)
Alone on the beach (Cocoa Beach, Florida)
End of the journey II. The 50th state! (Washington)
Mt. St. Helens (Oregon)
Wow! The Eiffel Tower! (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Snowy mountains in the south (Santa Rosa Range, Nevada)
Take the shot! Hurry! (Cliff Dweller's, Arizona)
This town ain't like the others (Bedrock, S. Dakota)
Professionals at work (Bedrock, S. Dakota)
Presidents at large (Mt. Rushmore, S. Dakota)
Chief in progress.. (Crazy Horse Natl. Mon., S. Dakota)
The local Corvette club (Custer S.P, S. Dakota)
The 'omigod' road took us here (Central City, Colorado)
A flash of yesterday (Central City, Colorado)
First time over 14,000ft -- by car (Mt. Evans, Colorado)
River scenery 1 (Colorado River, Utah)
River scenery 2 (Colorado River, Utah)
Three kings (Arches Natl. Park, Utah)
Mighty walls (Arches Natl. Park, Utah)
Angel's Landing (Zion Natl. Park, Utah)
Utah colors! (Joe Wilson Canyon, Utah)
Blue, blue, blue (Crater Lake, Oregon)
Strange pinnacles (Crater Lake, Oregon)
Grand mountains (The Tetons, Wyoming)
How do I climb this? (Devil's Tower, Wyoming)
Here goes the Old Faithful (Yellowstone Natl. Park, Wyoming)
So this is heaven? (Yellowstone Natl. Park, Wyoming)
Mountain scenery (Yellowstone Natl. Park, Wyoming)
Hot Mammoth Springs (Yellowstone Natl. Park, Wyoming)
Scary rock (Yellowstone Natl. Park, Wyoming)
Well known waters (Niagara Falls, New York)
Capitol of the United States (Washington DC)
The White House (Washington DC)
The Washington Monument (Washington DC)
So this is Mexico? (Palomas, Mexico)
A big, big canyon (Grand Canyon, Arizona)
Time to sit down and enjoy (Grand Canyon, Arizona)
Can't chop this timber (Petrified Forest, Arizona)
A desert of shiny white (White Sands, New Mexico)
USS Alabama memorial park (Mobile, Alabama)
When the map reader only has a second.. (Mobile, Alabama)
Rocket science! (JFK Space Center, Florida)
Anthodites and other strange things (Skyline Caverns, Virginia)
Yup. Smoky - and hazy (Smoky Mountains, TN/VA/KY/NC)
Exploring the island (Oahu, Hawaii)
Would I consider going back? (Kahana Bay, Oahu, Hawaii)
Pacific fleet visit, July 4th (Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii)
One of Hyatt Regency's backyards (Kauai, Hawaii)
Exploring Na Pali coast on trimaran (Na Pali, Kauai, Hawaii)
Wailua Falls (Kauai, Hawaii)
My friend Daniel from Buenos Aires, and his wife Margarita (Kauai, Hawaii)

Some skylines

Manhattan, New York, seen from Jersey City
Manhattan, New York, seen from Jersey City
Chicago, seen from Sears Tower
Chicago, seen from Sears Tower
Chicago, seen from Sears Tower
Houston, Texas
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Cincinnati, Ohio
Baltimore, Maryland
Atlanta, Georgia

Animal section

Really, really scary guys (Custer S.P, S. Dakota)
At mercy of the donkeys. Food, please! (Custer S.P, S. Dakota)
Poor, lost fellows 1 (Mammoth Springs, Wyoming)
Lost?, well... 2 (Mammoth Springs, Wyoming)
Little friend 1 (California)
Little friend 2 (California)
Little friend 3 (Devil's Tower, Wyoming)
Little friend 4 (Devil's Tower, Wyoming)
Little friend 5 (California)
We found this family next to the highway (Arizona)
With so much water, why do they crowd so much? (Dole Plantation, Oahu Hawaii)
Is he stuck, or what? (Alaska)
You're my lunch I (Gatorland, Florida)
You're my lunch II (Gatorland, Florida)
Funny dude (Sioux Falls Zoo, South Dakota)
I fell for this one (Sioux Falls Zoo, South Dakota)
Hmm. Where's the goodies? (Glacier Natl. Park, Montana)
Now, what the heck is this? (Columbia Zoo, Ohio)
I ain't gonna swim with these (Key West Aquarium, Florida)

Hiking pictures

On top of La Plata Peak (4370m), Rocky Mountains
Down from La Plata Peak...
High Dune (2649m), Great Sand Dunes, Colorado
Brokeoff Mtn (2815m), Lassen N.P, California
Brokeoff Mtn (2815m), Lassen N.P, California
Lassen Peak (3187m), Lassen N.P, California
Lassen Peak seen from Lake Helen
Lassen Peak
View from Slide Mtn. (2954m) towards Mt. Rose
Tahoe Meadows, Nevada, on the way to Slide Mtn