Whoo.. there have been some changes in my life lately. I know that some of my friends out there are sad about me leaving town. But don't be!

I'm now on the other side, in a place the locals call Hundsville. It's a fantastic place; sofas everywhere! Food is served four times a day. Broads by the numbers. You won't believe it!

Since I love y'all, I took the time to write you this letter;


First of all...

I'd like to apologise to my Master, whom I gave a good scare when it was time to go. But thanks for laying next to me, and for getting me to the Vet so soon. Cerebral haemorrhage, or whatever I got, isn't my idea of how to spend a sunny Sunday. I wasn't in pain, but my brain kept telling me to go left. Which explains the circles.. And hey, say hello to Susann who took me across. I hate going to the Vet, but she was a nice person and made me relax.

(Hark..) while on the subject; Apologies for plundering that smørgåsbord - you know when. I know there were many disappointed guests, but .. what can I say? (Homer-sound..)

Anything else..? Nope, I've been good. Wait, uh.., you know the rug I slept on? Well, just don't look under it...


Now, about Hundsville..

The gatekeeper was a huge and scary Boxer who told me they didn't allow dwarfs to enter. Minimum height 30cm. The nerve! But I was saved by the bell, because he then suddenly asked - "say, aren't you that mountain dog on the internet?". "Sure am", I responded. Not only was I granted admittance, but I was also given a king-size sofa. All to myself. The boxer said I had truly earned it. He had been following my mountaineering activities over some years and was hugely impressed.

The boxer had also been on Galdhøpiggen, but had never visited the Sunnmøre mountains. I told him about Jakta and Slogen, and he listened with great interest. He became my first pal!  


    Days of work

Everyone has to contribute to the society. I feared I would be assigned to the Postal Service, which involves a whole lotta walking. But I ended up in the Pest Control Group (PCG). My main task is to kill off rodents. Huh? IS IT POSSIBLE? Bark bark! Tomorrow I'll play the lottery...  

A gentle roll call takes place at 10:30AM. Breakfast is served 11AM. We then work until lunch, 1PM. Then we work from 2-3PM and can relax until dinner, 5PM. We spend the afternoons as we please. The late meal is at 8PM. I've got my eyes set on a hot bitch working at the restaurant. One of these days, I'll ask her out. She'll be the Lady and I'll be Tramp. And we'll order Italian. He he..


We have to exercise ..

so we don't get fat. We've got nice mountains in Hundsville, but they're all low, and a bit boring. There are however some more rugged mountains outside the city, and I've just started a local mountaineering group. We'll have our first trip next week. It'll be fun. I'm the natural leader, as I'm the only one who has climbed class 3 (YDS) and the only one who can handle a rope, if need be.

In a while, I plan to start a guiding company. Actually, I have lots of plans. Hundsville is the land of opportunities.


    Well, that's it ..

for now. Got to get back to work. As you see I'm honky dory fine here on the other side. A warm hug goes to out to my all friends I had to leave behind. I miss you all. A special hug goes to Eva, Pål and "Chico", who made my years in Ålesund the best ever.

You can still visit my former home page here. There are lots of excellent pictures of myself that you don't want to miss out on. Here are the links to the latest archives;

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So long folks. Follow your dreams.

Yours sincerely, Troll