TOP 10 TRIPS 2009

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2009 was a year without the big projects. The most important event was the traverse of Strandåtinden, as well as as wonderful summer in northern Norway. The second most important event that I finally found the inspiration to resume travels abroad, and lastly - I got to do a number of tops that I had been wanting to do for years (Oksskolten, Snøhetta, Rondslottet, Anddalshatten, to name a few). And last, but not least - at the end of the year, I met Anne Rudsengen...

Among many wonderful trips, these were the top 10 trips in 2009:


1. Strandåtind 862m  Bodø, Kjerringøy, Nordland, Norway July 2009
  The highlight of 2009; first a hike up to Eidetinden the day before, and then a traverse across Strandåtinden along with Kenneth and Trygve. Even not as well-known as Stetinden, Strandåtind is legendary in the Norwegian mountaineering community.
2. La Merica 854m La Gomera, Canary islands, Spain Dec 2009
  The first trip abroad in a long time. Anne and me visited more than a dozen tops in one week,. La Merica was the first top we visited, and as such, a very memorable one.
3. Oksskolten 1916m Hemnes, Nordland, Norway July 2009
  Oksskolten was definitely a dream come true. I had been wanting to visit the highest peak in northern Norway for years, and this summer, I finally got the opportunity. This was a solo hike, which included a glacier crossing.
4. Rondslottet 2178m Dovre, Oppland, Norway Sep 2009
  The highest peak on the Rondane massif had been on my wish-list for years. Together with Lars, we had a memorable trip from Spranget.
5. Anddalshatten 968m Vevelstad/Brønnøy, Nordland, Norway July 2009
  Anddalshatten has been (bar none) my favourite mountain in the Brønnøysund region. This summer, I organized boat transport from the mainland and hiked Anddalshatten and Forneshatten in brilliant weather.
6. Haukåbøra 1065m Flora, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway Aug 2009
  I was completely blown away by the beautiful sandstone region near Ålfotbreen, and I promised myself to come back to this area every year from now on. This was also my first hike with Anne Rudsengen.
7. Snøhetta 2286m Dovre, Oppland, Norway July 2009
  How many times have I been driving E6 and looked with yearning towards this mighty mountain? On my way to northern Norway, I finally had the opportunity to pay Snøhetta a visit - the highest peak north of the Jotunheimen range.
8. N. Smørskredtind 1606m Stranda, Møre og Romsdal, Norway May 2009
  Spring ski-trips in the Sunnmørsalpane mountain range is to me one of the best things in life. And this brilliant ski-trip together with Svein, to one of the highest peaks in the mountain range, was no exception...
9. Nordre Sætretind 1365m Ørsta, Møre og Romsdal, Norway Apr 2009
  Yet another superb spring ski-trip, and finally I got to visit Sætretindane. I did this trip by myself, and had to secure myself with a rope near the top.
10. Matøskja 1332m Volda, Møre og Romsdal, Norway Jan 2009
  A fantastic winter ski-trip (also with crampons and ice-axe) together with Petter, Arngeir and Åsmund. Matøskja is the 5th highest peak in Volda municipality.