TOP 10 TRIPS 2005

What are the rating metrics of a hike? Hard to say. But when I looked back on all of the trips and hikes in 2006, only a dozen or so, brought along emotions out of the ordinary. There was achievement, solitude, desire, fatigue, good company and many more elements. These were the top 10 trips in 2005:


1. Store Skagastølstind 2405 Hurrungane, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway Aug 2005
  The "jewel" of the Jotunheimen and Sognefjellet mountain range. Lead climber was my friend Bjørn Eirik Hanssen. This was my first rock climb ever.

The "nerve" was simply to survive...

2. Opptakshaugane 1687m Jostedalsbreen, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway Oct 2005
  An "epic" day-hike with Bjørn, Ragnar, Anni and Agnete from Tungastølen, up Midtnovi, across Opptakshaugane and down Nystølnovi. The Jostedalsbreen landscape is second to none, even in rain and fog.

The "nerve" was routefinding and to get back down before dark.

3. Hornindalsrokken 1529m Sogn & Fjordane / Møre & Romsdal border Aug 2005
  One of Møre and Romsdal's very finest peaks, and on the "must do list". My hiking mate on this trip was Torill Berg.
4. Gygrastolen 1345m Kvinnherad, Hordaland Aug 2005
  A memorable ascent in ugly weather, with Torbjørn and Agnete. This was my second trip to Gygrastolen, and I finally got to climb the summit ridge without belay.
5. S. Snøfjellet 885m Brønnøy, Nordland Aug 2005
  This was a walk I did solo, from Tosbotn to Sausvatn. Having grown up with stories about this mountain crossing, being able to do it myself was eternally memorable.
6. Breidvasstinden 1224m Brønnøy/Grane, Nordland Aug 2005
  The highest peak in Brønnøy was another peak I heard a lot about while growing up. On a fine August day I did the trip from Tosbotn. One certainly gets the back-country feeling up here.
7. Kvasstinden 1010m Alstahaug, Nordland Aug 2005
  Along with the neighbour mountain Stortinden, I had now completed all of De Syv Søstre above Sandnessjøen.
8. Kyrkjedørsnuten 1790m Finse, Hordaland Feb 2005
  A most memorable ski-trip with Torbjørn Frøystein. We started out from Finse and included Flakavassnutane (Hordaland's 3rd highest mountain) on the trip.
9. Eggjenibba 1338m Gloppen, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway Aug 2005
  In my opinion, Eggjenibba is one of the most beautiful peaks in Sogn og Fjordane. I'd passed it many times in my car, and this fine August day I made the trip. Upon descent, I also visited Trollebottseggane, 1419m.
10. Høgste Breakulen 1957m Jostedalsbreen, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway May 2005
  A nice ski-trip from Jostedalen with Bjørn, Anders, Lars & Cathrine, including a camp at Steinmannen. This was my first trip to Jostedalsbreen that I had organized.