TOP 20 TRIPS 1999-2008

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1. Mt. Blanc 4810m French/Italian alps Aug 2003
  A massive adventure on the top of western Europe. Bjørn Gillholm and I climbed via the Gouter refuge and Dome du Gouter. Due to severe weather conditions (heatwave), the rockfall in Grand Coulouir made the descent insanely dangerous.
2. Gunnbjørn Fjeld 3694m East Greenland May 2004
  This mountain, and 17 others were skied/climbed by the Norwegian "G4" expedition that went to Greenland May 04. The expedition members were Petter Bjørstad, Torstein Skage, Per Ove Oppedal, Jan-Frode Myklebust, Ståle Grimen and myself. Amazing landscape, amazing mountains and a great adventure.
3. Store Skagastølstind 2405m Hurrungane, Norway Aug 2005
  My main goal for 2005 was the 3rd highest mountain in Norway and my first climb on a "real mountain". Bjørn Eirik Hanssen was companion this week-end and the lead climber. A fantastic mountain and a fantastic experience.
4. Romsdalshorn 1550m Vengedal/Romsdal, Norway Aug 2006
  My main goal for 2006 was one of the very finest of Norwegian mountains. With guide Tore Klokk, Torill Berg and I climbed "Nordveggen" (the north wall), 5 rope lengths, grade IV- (Norwegian scale). A marvellous experience.
5. Strandåtindan 862m Bodø (Kjerringøy), Nordland, Norway Jul 2009
  Superb traverse across one of Nordland's fines peaks. This was a guided trip arranged by Nordland Turselskap. Along with Kenneth (guide) and Trygve, I traversed Vestre & Store Strandåtind. A magnificent climb & trip. And Kjerringøy is so beautiful..
6. Stetind 1394m Tysfjord, Nordland, Norway Jul 2007
  My main goal for 2007 was another Norwegian peak of the finest sort. With 3 guides, Torill Berg and I climbed the normal route (via Halls Fortopp) together with 8 other clients. The fog lifted as we reached the summit and we had a beautiful day on top. Easy climbing, although the crux below Mysosten required focus.
7. Austerdalsberget 1657m Sogn og Fjordane, Norway Sep 2006
  A very content-rich hike up Austerdalsbreen, touching the Odin icefall, camp-site on Kvitesteinsvarden, up to Austerdalsberget (touching the Jostedalsbreen glacier), across Lokebreen and down the steep SW side of Skyttarpiggen. A very memorable hike with Bjørn Eirik Hanssen and Ragnar Aasgaard.
8. "Josten på Langs"   Luster, Stryn, Sogndal - Sogn og Fjordane, Norway Apr 2007
  Suphellenipa (picture) represents the perfect ending to this 3-day adventure across "the roof" of southern Norway - Jostedalsbreen. This was a company trip, 9 colleagues + 1 guide. We headed up via Erdalen and Småttene and descended via Flatbrehytta to Fjærland. Three sunny days and perfect skiing conditions.
9. Lodalskåpa  2083m Sogn og Fjordane, Norway Aug 2007
  Epic hike from Bødalsæter to the highest peak on Jostedalsbreen glacier. Hiking mates were Torbjørn Frøystein and Terje Bergset
10. Meneseggi/Jostefonni traverse   Sogn og Fjordane, Norway May 2004
  Very hard (and partly airy) ski traverse across Meneseggi and Jostefonni which included 8 peaks. 45Km on skis and foot, 3730 vertical meters ascent, bivouac and 21,5 hours on the move over two days. Peaks done: Harevollnipa (1406m), Saueggi (1488m), Melsnipa (1547m), 1446m N of Melsnipa (1446m), Grøndalsnipa (1509m), Fremstegretta (1315m), Sundfjordbjørnen (1615m) and Gottopphesten (1492m). The trip was arranged by Bergen Turlag Fjellsportgruppen, and counted 7 people, including my friend Petter.
11. Emdalstindane 1452m Stranda, Møre og Romsdal Jul 2006
  A most enjoyable 1Km+ traverse of this rugged and extremely airy ridge, together with Einar Garshol, Torill Berg and Svein Myhre.
12. Juklavasskruna 1455m Rosendal, Norway Aug 2003
  A 2Km narrow and highly exposed ridge walk on the Bjørndalstindane - Juklavasskruna traverse with Petter Bjørstad and Jan-Frode Myklebust. These peaks, in the heart of the Rosendal alps, are spectacular and challenging, testing your head for heights to the fullest.

In the same category are GREAT hikes to Laurdalstind, Melderskin, Gygrastolen and other fine Rosendal/Kvinnherad peaks.

13. Botnkrona 1072m Alsten, Norway Sep 2003
  A long and strenuous deep snow struggle across 5 of the 7 sisters. Weather ranging from really bad to wonderful. The mountains visited were Botnkrona (1072m), Grytfoten (1019m), Skjerdingen (1037), Tvillingan N. (945m) and Tvillingan S. (980m). Petter Bjørstad was my companion on this trip to northern Norway which also included ascents of Heilhornet (1058m) and Blåfjellet (1293m).
14. Trollvasstinden 1285m Sunnmørsalpene, Norway Jan 2003
  My first mountain in this spectacular mountain region. A challenging winter ascent on skis together with Petter Bjørstad. The day before, we also skied Glitregga (1297m) in Nordfjord.
15. Mt. Lindsey 4280m Rocky Mountains, Colorado USA Aug 2002
  Exciting and exposed ridge climb up the NW face of Mt. Lindsey. The route up had a class 4 (US) crux.
Hiking mate was Petter Bjørstad, and this was his 54th fourteener in Colorado.
16. Kebnekaise 2114m Lappland, Sweden Aug 2002
  A traverse over Sweden's highest mountain which included steep wall scrambling (Østra Leden), glacier crossing and the Tuolpagorni and Vierramvare summits. Hiking mate was Bjørn Gillholm. We also did Halti - the highest point in Finland on this trip, before we finished the great week on Tromsdalstind.
17. La Plata Peak 4370m Rocky Mountains, Colorado USA Jul 2000
  My first hike above 4000m and first encounter with AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness). Bjørn Gillholm was hiking mate and nurse. The next day Bjørn visited Mt. Elbert - the highest of all the Colorado fourteeners, while I was confined to the hotel with all my oxygen devices. Lucily, I got to do Mt. Elbert one year later.
18. N.Ø for Skålefjell 1925m Sogn og Fjordane, Norway May 2002
  Neither Jan-Frode Myklebust or I could really believe that Petter Bjørstad had planned the route from Skåla to Lodalskåpa (Tindefjellbreen glacier) across this giant cornice. We had to dig through the top vertical layer of snow in order to get across.
19. Slettmarkpiggen 2163m Jotunheimen, Norway Aug 1999
  First time I was convinced I would not live to see another day, as we scrambled our way down the steep south wall.
Bjørn Gillholm (on the picture) was hiking mate (and the one to blame)
20. Three Peak Challenge United Kingdom Aug 2008
  Bit of a "crazy" project with Matt, Olof, Anna, Louise and Joe; to visit the high point of Scotland (Ben Nevis), England (Scafell Pike) and Wales (Snowdon) in less than 24 hours. We did it in 21h:40m. A very different trip from what I'm used to, but fun, fun, fun.