The Personal Pages

This is an entry point to various pages with personal characeristics. While was my personal home page, is meant to be a more objective center of information. Thus, these pages have been removed from the front page, and listed here instead.



What it's all about now; the "quest" for big and small moments.
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 Hiking Log

Hiking activity.
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Top 20

A short list of mountains and trips that stand out from the rest, seen from my personal point of view.
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A reference of the all the mountains, tops and hills I have visited.


Me - what I do and why I do what I do.


My little hiking buddy from 1993 to 2008. See recent photo galleries:



Some examples of others finding my pictures useful, and I enjoy contributing.

Liv's Corner

Liv Nygård (Odda) is helping me raise my botany skills. When the page is content-rich enough, this page will be moved to the Møre og Romsdal page. 


A small compilation, being built up. So far, there are only entries from 2006.


A small compilation of rock and cliff faces.

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Trip report music

The moon

Moon gallery

After Dark

After dark gallery

Some links I find useful