Over time I have received a number of requests for pictures to be used for various purposes. I decided to make a "scrapbook" that summarises some of the contributions. It inspires me that others find the pictures useful, and it has been fun contributing.

(Note; some of the articles may no longer exist on the net)


I have been so fortunate to contribute with information or pictures in the following books;

Naturhistorisk Vegbok for Hordaland

My tiny contribution to this *massive* book was a table of the highest mountains in Hordaland.

Turgleder i Hordaland
by Cox Forlag

I contributed with a number of pictures from the Byfjellene and Gullfjellet massifs in this book.

Turguiden for Hordaland
by Cox Forlag

I contributed with a number of pictures in this book.

Walks and Scrambles in Norway
by Ripping Yarns

I have written the "Ulvanosa" chapter.

Byfjellene - på Bergens Tak by Cox Forlag

I contributed with an Ulriken picture in this book.

Turbok for Ålesund og Omegn -

I contributed with a Jønshornet picture in this book

50 Anbefalte Turer på Vestlandet - P.L.Tonstad

I contributed with a picture from Nordmøre in this book

50 Anbefalte Turer i Nord-Norge - P.L.Tonstad

I contributed with 2 pictures in this book

Til Topps på Solnuten - Solnuten IL

I contributed with several pictures in this book, as well as my trip report from my Solnuten visit.

Internet Press

Bergens Tidene, Oct 2007

Bergens Tidene, Oct 2007

Øyaposten, Nov 2006, Feb 2007

Newspaper Press

This is a "painful" section. Let me elaborate; while I would gladly like to see the web-site mentioned in the local press, I would like to have a low-key outline on my person. This seems to be impossible, because every agreement I have made with the journalists, have been broken by the "desk". I have finally chosen to publish these articles, as they are relevant for the web-site, although I feel absolutely no personal enthusiasm about being written about. There's nothing I have done that someone hasn't done better, but I do have a hope that the web-site inspires people.

Sunnmørsposten, 7/8/2006

BA, 30/10/2005

Bygdanytt, 22/5/2005

Vaksdalposten, 24/10/2002

Sunnmørsposten, 25/11/2008


Pictures used in Press/Magazines

My only newspaper frontpage, from the Colorado Springs Gazette. The picture shows Little Bear Peak and the story is about a son and his father, surprised by a thunderstorm which ended tragically.

The Scottish Air Ambulance asked for a picture of the Scottish mountain Stob Ban for an information poster about the "Three Summits Challenge". The full poster is here (pdf).

The Estonian outdoor magazine site wanted to make a reference to my site and asked for a picture to go along with the article.

A company from Belgium wanted to use a number of our Greenland pictures in their company brochure.

I found this article in The Lincolnian. The picture shows the actors in the movie "Brokeback Mountain", and there was a reference to my site inside the PDF. It wasn't until I zoomed in that I understood the connection;

Try comparing this picture with the original...

I let Hjørungavåg Idrettslag use this picture for this note in Vikebladet Vestposten. Glad to help, but someone has been sloppy with the credits.

Fog sweeps across Godøya

Icicle, Herfindal, Hordaland

Dawn, Voss

Contribution with pictures to the Notur META magazine

META "spin-off" article from

Moldepanorama (middle picture) for Rica Seilet Hotel (Molde) brochure (pdf)


Brochure for getting cruise pessangers to Sukkertoppen. The Ålesund picture is mine (pdf)


Being featured in Masfjordingen (pdf)


Being featured in Fjell & Vidde


Romsdalseggen. See pdf.


Hest/Grøndalseggi. See pdf.


Hest/Grøndalseggi (Sogn Avis). See pdf.




Mark Dermul from Belgium has made a website about the planet Hoth (Star Wars) and have blended in my pictures from one of my Finse trips. A number of pictures can be found on this site. Mark has been sloppy with the credits...

I was asked if I contribute with pictures of the 4th highest mountain on Greenland - PEV - named after the French explorer Paul Emile Victor.

Even some of my pictures taken from an ordinary passenger plane come into practical use.

I have contributed with a couple of pictures to Bergen Turlag.

From time to time, I see some of my pictures feature on various U.S websites.

Some paragliding sites seem to find my pictures useful.

I wonder if this Camping received more guests after "spicing up" their site with pictures from

Even "Troll" has been featuring in "the headlines"

I have to admit - I know this guy... - I have contributed with pictures on this site. Edit 25/01/07: Site seems to be down.

What is preservation? They obviously found this picture of me and Pål Jørgen Bjørstad on a broken bridge on Osterøy, useful. Photo by Petter Bjørstad.

I was informed about this Nettavisen article by a friend. They never contacted me, but in good faith, Bergen Turlag can use my pictures for "noble purposes".

Fun to be listed as an "attraction" in

Fun to contribute to my "old" company...

Petter and I got "recognition" for our aerial photos.

Contribution with pictures to the site.

Contribution with pictures to the Styrkeprøven Rett Vest site.

Van Amerongen - and a picture I took in Scotland


Gullfjell Consulting

I recently was referred to on "Nettby".
Someone seems to think that I hike mountains all the time.


Greenland facts

Link from Kvam Reiselivskontor is using a number of my Osterøy pictures

The original logo image, has been taken by me

Hemsedal Energi is borrowing this picture from me.


moran-mountaineering borrowed this Stetind picture.

Hey.. what's going on with Jønshornet? (link)


Contributing w/1 pic to a fantastic site about traveling in Norway


Being considered as real media!



A picture of a friend resulted in a very cool Christmas gift.


My readers are mostly female, between 12-17 years-old, have kids, earn a decent salary and are a mix between well-educated and not...


Although I was wrongly credited as the photographer, I like the way the discussion evolved (External link)


Linked up by Molde Bymuseum (External link)


Xmarks internet statistics (External link)


Sorry about that... (External link)