Norwegian Mountains

"Heatwave", Ulriken, June 29 2005

After a miserable May and June, we could expect a "heatwave". The temperature rose 12 deg. C. within 24 hours and measured 19 deg. C. when I arrived the tower 17:45PM. I hiked up to the high point and took some pictures with the 300m zoom lens.

1. View from Ulriken high point towards Gullfjellet (1042KB) 2. Troll enjoying life on Ulriken (127KB) 3. View from Ulriken towards Folgefonna (297KB) 4. Sula seen from Ulriken (144KB) 5. Moesnuken and Ulvanosa seen from Ulriken (513KB) 6. Ulriken restaurant (157KB) 7. Hikers on Ulriken (298KB)

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