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Fresh snow on Ulriken, May 7 2005

I had just been to Gravdalsfjellet with my friend David, and wanted to check out the (surprising) new snowfall on Ulriken. I had mentally said goodbye to winter in Bergen weeks ago, and Ulriken had been free of snow for some time. This only shows that you never can take weather for granted. The dog and I headed up the Lægdene trail and headed down Langrinden.

1. Ulriken seen earlier in the day (120KB) 2. Approaching the tower (172KB) 3. Gondola arriving (232KB) 4. My ususal route up and down Ulriken (258KB) 5. A look up the tower (56KB) 6. Ulriken high point (491KB) 7. This is not America (106KB) 8. South view from Ulriken (371KB) 9. Windy on top today (105KB) 10. Gondola departing (262KB) 11. Downtown view (zoom) (483KB) 12. Downtown view (zoom) (280KB) 13. Sore Midtfjell (125KB) 14. Leaving Ulriken (84KB) 15. Landaas view from the forest (282KB)

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