Norwegian Mountains

Ulriken, Mar 14 2005

After a massive snowfall the day before, I was curious about the amount of snow on the mountain. I left Troll back home, as it would be impossible for him to walk on his own. Even when going down. It had been 74 years since an equal amount of snow had fallen in March. It was more snow than I had expected. At the deepest, I had snow up to my hips. It is very seldom that I see people ski down Mt. Ulriken (outside the regular routes), but on my way up and down, I counted 10 skiers. A beautiful afternoon, which had to be fully enjoyed before the rain is setting in.

1. Ulriken seen early morning (210KB) 2. Ulriken seen in the afternoon (313KB) 3. On the way to Ulriken (146KB) 4. After a whole day of snowmelt (161KB) 5. Notice the benches (308KB) 6. On the way up the mountain (269KB) 7. Skiers on Mt. Ulriken (230KB) 8. Deep snow (123KB) 9. The upper ridge comes into view (269KB) 10. Below the tower (114KB) 11. Ulriken high point (539KB) 12. Veten on Korsnes, which I visited the day before (235KB) 13. View towards Bergen (288KB) 14. Fana/Os view from Ulriken (511KB)

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