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Haugavarden, Feb 27 2005

Yet another gorgeous day, but time did not allow for anything else than a trip to the local Haugavarden (673m), the highest point on the Ulriken - Vidden - Rundemanen massif. I got a late start and everyone else was heading down while I was heading upwards. Me and the dog were walking. It was only possible to ski on the top of the massif, and I didn't bother bringing along the skis.

I headed up my favorite trail; From Sedalen up to Søre Gløvrevatnet, then up the Vasslifjellet southeast ridge and directly towards Haugavarden. I then headed towards Storefjellet (662m) before I started heading home. I stopped by Turnerhytten and had a nice chat with Ove Kobbeltvedt. We talked about the hut for a while, as I intend to write a piece about the hut on this web-site.

The walk took 3,5 hours, and it was the finest day in 2005 so far. A very pleasant temperature. As everyone else had left the mountain, I had the mountain all to myself on the way down. It was a shame to head back down, but work was awaiting.

1. Vasslifjellet southeast ridge (290KB) 2. The beauty and the beast (126KB) 3. Approaching Haugavarden (312KB) 4. Gullfjellet seen from Haugavarden (676KB) 5. Vidden seen from Haugavarden (309KB) 6. Leaving Haugavarden (142KB) 7. Osteroy and Bergsdalen mountains (350KB) 8. Storfjellet cairn (122KB) 9. Ulriken seen from Storfjellet (305KB) 10. Bergen seen from Storfjellet (173KB) 11. Vidden seen from Storfjellet (567KB) 12. Troll on Storfjellet (176KB) 13. Troll on Storfjellet (189KB) 14. Arriving Turnerhytten (200KB) 15. Inside Turnerhytten (205KB) 16. Ove Kobbeltvedt (93KB) 17. Leaving Turnerhytten (290KB) 18. Descending Vasslifjellet (276KB) 19. Ulriken tower seen from Glovrevatn (140KB)

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