Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Blindheimsfjellet: Winter pics 2007-2008

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Jan 3 2007: Høgkubben w/Olav, after dark

Perfect conditions for an after dark hike to Høgkubben; a starry night and snow on the mountain. The path had been well worn, so my dog Troll kept an amazing pace down from Høgkubben.

1. Wide-angle view from Høgkubben (267KB) 2. Olav & Troll (240KB)

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Dec 25 2007: Daylight, for a change

Arngeir and I had just had a wonderful hike to Melen. Afterwards, I stopped by the house to pick up my dog and went for a walk up to Høgelia. I met a couple of friends coming down, so it got a bit late for good pictures from the top. It's not often I'm up here in daylight, so I decided to submit the pictures for the site.

1. Wide-angle view from Høgelia (548KB) 2. Troll and the Christmas tree (142KB) 3. Ørsta light (84KB) 4. Molladalstindane (151KB) 5. Sukkertoppen and Godøya (117KB)

The moon, seen from home

6. The moon (87KB) 7. The moon (75KB) 8. The moon (147KB)

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Dec 17 2007: Visiting the "Christmas tree"

1. Nice morning (109KB) 2. Heading up the slalom hill (230KB) 3. Moonlight and everything.. (317KB) 4. Forest light (187KB) 5. Big tree (220KB) 6. Christmas tree appears (174KB) 7. The Christmas tree (157KB) 8. View from Høgelia (625KB) 9. The Christmas tree (64KB) 10. View down to Moa (379KB) 11. The Christmas tree (104KB)

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Nov 9 2007: 1st snow < 300m

1. Buddy Troll (360KB) 2. The hill up Høgelia (417KB)

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