Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Sulafjellet from Langevågen, May 25 2006

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My friend Petter was on a short visit before going to Alaska and Mt. Mc Kinley. On the public holiday May 25th, Petter was attending a conference in Ålesund while I was hiking Blåskjerdingen. I picked him up in the evening and then we headed to Sulafjellet. Sulafjellet was on Petter's list of prominent Møre og Romsdal mountains, and I was happy to be the local "guide" on this trip. Actually, Petter refers to this mountain as Tverrfjellet on his site.

We left the Langevågen trailhead 19:40PM and kept a fair pace up the mountain. We arrived the cold and windy summit 21:00PM. Fog was sweeping across the summit plateau, and a spectactular light dominated the horizon. I had gained 1750 vertical meters during the day, but still didn't feel any fatigue in the muscles. I would have no problems going yet another 1000m upwards, which is nice to know if I ever get in a situation where I have to do just that.

Beautiful evening colors painted the mountain as we headed down. When we reached the traversing forest road, we headed down the eastern part, the part I didn't walk on my visit 4 days earlier. We were back at the trailhead 22:00PM. I can only speak for myself, but I had certainly earned beer.

Pictures from the May 25 2006 hike

Map: We followed route 2.1 (and 2.2, eastern part) on this trip

0. Route 2.1 from Langevågen

1. Above Vonhytta. Foggy summit ahead (226KB) 2. The final snowfield (95KB) 3. Approaching the summit (189KB) 4. Limited view from Sulafjellet (109KB) 5. On the summit (136KB) 6. On the summit (106KB) 7. Molværsvatnet (118KB) 8. Ocean light (78KB) 9. Melshornet seen from Sulafjellet (101KB) 10. Heading back down (143KB) 11. View towards Ålesund (139KB)

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