Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Storhornet, Jul 18 2006

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Through my web-site, I came in contact with Sturla Alvheim from Bergen, some time back in 2003. Our common interest back then was Solnuten in Hordaland. As Sturla was visiting family on Sunnmøre this summer, he contacted me and suggested that we should do a hike together. I appreciated this initiative. As circumstances didn't allow for a longer trip, I took Sturla to Storhornet - the very first mountain I visited after moving to Sunnmøre.

Along came my dog Troll. It was a hot afternoon, but as always when I have company, Troll always presents himself from his best side (which is not sitting down in protest). I was happy to see that Sturla enjoyed Storhornet and the views. Sturla had good knowledge about the local geography and was perhaps happy about seeing places from a new angle.

Sturla is educated as a geograf (geographer in English?) and gave me an interesting introduction to the flat-top plateaus that are found Sula, Hareidlandet and even on the Ørsta side of Storfjorden.

Pictures from the hike

1. Summit view (653KB) 2. Fishing boat outside Godøya  (175KB)

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