Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Storhornet, Jul 11 2006

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Just a nice, afternoon hike on Godøya, where my dog "Troll" STUNNED me by willingly walking all the way up and down the mountain. Storhornet is a fine place to go when clouds dominate the region and rays of sunshine creep through the clouds.

Pictures from the hike

1. Traffic on the fjord (110KB) 2. On the way to Storhornet (261KB) 3. On the way to Storhornet (319KB) 4. Islet on Alnesvatnet (224KB) 5. The Lesten plateau (166KB) 5. View down from Storhornet (210KB) 6. Troll is on the edge (296KB) 7. Sukkertoppen (345KB) 8. Ytre Sunnmøre islands (91KB) 9. Alnes (273KB) 10. Sula and Eltraneset (165KB) 11. Geilevika (191KB) 12. A ship goes to sea (242KB)

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