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Godøya southwest coast, Apr 23 2006

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Trip report, Apr 23 2006

I wanted to visit Godøya's southwest coast to see if I could find gullys up to Lesten that were "doable", allowing me more combinations for roundtrips on this beautiful island. I asked my neighbour Pål to come along. I had no idea how the walk would be, or how far we would come. We drove to the "loop" at Gjuv, found a path heading westbound and parked.

The path was grassy in the beginning, nice for his dog "Chico" and my dachshund "Troll". After a while, we were following a route marked with red dots painted on rocks. After passing several huge rocks which were cool to scramble (yet scary in case of a fall, and not the ones on the pictures below), we had to downclimb two sections with fixed chains. Class 2+ YDS, class 3 when carrying a dog in your hand.

We entered "Storura" (Big boulders) and the name was not misleading. The rocks were tall and convenient shelters were plentyful. When a rainshower came along, we had 10 comfortable minutes below one of these rocks, watching the beautiful light that defined the contours of Runde island.

"Troll" had entered the backpack in Storura, while "Chico" ran around with the greatest ease. My focus was now the grand south face of Lesten, and the gullys and aretes that ran 400m up and into "the sky". The most distinct arete had some outcrops that perhaps can be described as square pinnacles, offering a hard climb should you choose to take them on.

The rain made us turn around. Pål enjoyed the trip very much, and I was glad he came along. I will surely be back to see if I can get to the north side of this island, plus check out a couple of the gullys that looks doable. At least the parts I could see. A roundtrip from Gjuv, around the western coastline to Alnes, across Storhornet and back to Gjuv will be a very fun and rewarding roundtrip for everyone. Provided that the red-painted route runs around the coastline, that is.

Pictures from the hike

On a grassy path

1. Storhornet seen from the trailhead (152KB) 2. Sukkertoppen seen from Godøya (128KB) 3. Sukkertoppen seen from Godøya (168KB) 4. Troll, for the most part behind (312KB) 5. Pål and the dogs (150KB) 6. Hareidlandet (131KB) 7. Passing a gully (279KB)

On rocky ground

8. The terrain was a challenge for Troll (336KB) 9. An interesting gully (338KB) 10. Jønshornet (131KB) 11. Masdalskloven (146KB) 12. Ørsta peaks (233KB) 13. A rougher spot (355KB) 14. Cliffs with sharp rock (275KB) 15. Pål testing for handholds (265KB) 16. Saving the hard route for another day (183KB) 17. Chico - the climbing dog (216KB)

Storura - "adult" terrain

18. Lesten south face (262KB) 19. Rocky terrain (249KB) 20. Rain setting in (160KB) 21. Big boulder (240KB) 22. A sharp arete (215KB) 23. Arete detail (149KB) 24. Another gully (173KB) 25. Gully detail (166KB)

In shelter

26. Shelter from the rain (363KB) 27. A family with cattle could live here ...  (318KB) 28. A lighthouse (173KB) 29. Waiting for the rain to stop (130KB) 30. Runde island (271KB) 31. Heading back home (200KB)

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