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Sloktinden, Apr 20 2006

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Trip report, Apr 20 2006

This was a great evening walk. After days (weeks) of rain, it finally cleared up with the sun shining through. On my two previous visits to Storhornet, I wasn't aware of the Sloktinden top (which means it isn't very dominating), but now that I'd "discovered it", it was a good time to get to know the path along Valkveegga.

I had to ask around in order to find the trailhead, which had been moved due to the road construction work going on. Apparently, there will be a tunnel between the south and the north side of the island. Once on the trail, 17:55PM, my dog "Troll" wasn't very willing to walk. I carried him across the wet field and told him to do some legwork once we began the ascent. I smiled while watching this 12,5 year old dachshund move up the very eroded and bumpy trail with grace and spirit. I passed a sign pointing towards a war memorial, but didn't see a clear path and decided to leave the memorial for a later visit.

Being on the Valkveegga ridge was good for the soul. Impressions were plentyful. The weather was gorgeous, seagulls patroled the ridge both for good use and pleasure. I had the deep blue sea to my right and a spectactular panorama of snowy peaks in the other directions. A ship was leaving the Geilevika marina while the speaker announced this evening's local soccer game. "Troll" was in seriously good mood and clearly enjoyed the exercise. The smells were many, now that the snow gave way for spring.

I had the sun against, and was fooled to believe the east side of Sloktinden was steep. I sensed a tiny touch of adrenaline, until I realised I was on a well worn path. There would be no surprises or difficulties. A loud cheer was heard from the soccer field. The game was on. I wondered if some were watching the Valkveegga hiker, rather than the game.

We entered snow above 400m elevation and got additional contrasts. The top was reached 19:00PM and Troll found himself a good resting spot on a turf. He wasn't howling for lunch, but rather resting his eyes on the fine panorama. I was almost led to believe he enjoyed the views. A loud sigh sounded across the island. The home team must have been close to taking the lead. The dog and I was sitting on separate turfs, 30m apart. Both were enjoying the day. I remember thinking "This is why we do this".

I considered continuing towards Storhornet, but let it go. I didn't look forward to a couple of kilometres on asphalt road. We descended our ascent route, and moved swiftly down the ridge. Troll was keeping an incredible pace, earning my new nickname for him - "the downhill dog".

Pictures from the hike

Errata: Sloktinden has unfortunately been named Sløktinden on some pictures

To Sloktinden

1. The trailhead (141KB) 2. On the trail (380KB) 3. A resting place (455KB) 4. Trail erosion (361KB) 5. Trail junction (224KB) 6. On Valkveegga (128KB) 7. A ship leaves the marina (188KB) 8. A ship leaves the marina (185KB) 9. The last hill (183KB) 10. 8Kg with energy (367KB) 11. Valkveegga (175KB) 12. Cool rock (175KB) 13. Troll resting on Sloktinden (185KB)

Wide-angle panorama

14. Wide-angle panorama from Sloktinden (600KB)

75mm (medium resolution) panorama

15. 75mm panorama from Sloktinden (1484KB)

Misc. summit pictures

16. Sukkertoppen seen from Sloktinden (286KB) 17. Full size detail of Sukkertoppen west ridge (1031KB) 18. Ålesund (402KB) 19. Ørsta mountains seen from Sloktinden (833KB) 20. Nordøyene seen from Sloktinden (401KB) 21. Haram mountains seen from Sloktinden (836KB) 22. Hareidlandet seen from Sloktinden (419KB) 23. The soccer game (305KB) 24. The trailhead (244KB) 25. The marina (467KB) 26. Havsteinen (179KB)

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