Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Weather & dogs, Godøya, Mar 17 2008

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The weather

The weather (Click for larger image)

Åsmund called and ..

suggested that we could walk our dogs somewhere. I suggested Storhornet on Godøya, still delirious from numerous excellent moments during my past two years up here. As he hadn't been up there lately, he concurred. We drove to Gjuv and followed the regular path up to Storhornet.

The weather ..

was as complex as it has been all winter. A hailshower was taking its turn on the summit when we left the trailhead. I had a hope that we would arrive at the summit after it had passed. By the time we reached the trail junction by Alnesvatnet, the shower left Storhornet summit.

Blessed with blue sky and shiny white (and black) clouds, we took our time up the ridge. Ronja has a deep affection for snowballs, and Troll just tried to survive. Both from the snow depth and from this large dog which couldn't stop teasing him.


Precision (Click for larger image)

As we gained ground on..

Storhornet, it began snowing. I tried to upgrade it to hail, but Åsmund protested. It wasn't until we descended that Åsmund agreed to testify that we had been through a decent hailshower. Thank God.. I was beginning to wonder if summer was here already.

This was my fourth trip report in 10 days. All ones for the memory lane. I expect the next one will be from Kjerringtindane. Stay tuned..



The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 300D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6


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1. Early morning, my place (323KB) 2. A shower in Breidsundet (195KB) 3. By Alnesvatnet (180KB) 4. Hailshower leaving Storhornet (236KB) 5. Ronja and snowballs (248KB) 6. Ronja and more snowballs (216KB) 7. Åsmund and Ronja (130KB) 8. Big shower at sea (137KB) 9. Ronja likes Godøya too (138KB) 10. Big clouds beyond Lesten (177KB) 11. Troll and his -nightmare- (325KB) 12. Oh oh.. (242KB) 13. The sky is changing all the time (117KB) 14. The horizon, one more time (90KB) 15. A short pause along the ridge (374KB) 16. Åsmund and Ronja is .. (250KB) 17. Assistance required (I) (318KB) 18. Assistance required (II) (224KB)

On Storhornet + descent

19. On Storhornet summit (195KB) 20. Ronja and yet-another-snowball (185KB) 21. A big shower hits Alnes AND the island (168KB) 22. A small inferno (315KB) 23. The horizon darkens (126KB) 24. Thank God for fur.. (170KB) 25. Escaping evil (186KB) 26. The moon, seen at the trail head (115KB)

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