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Godøy to Alnes traverse, Mar 16 2008

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Shifting weather on Godøya

Shifting weather on Godøya (Click for larger image)



is a cool rock island just outside Goday. I had been wanting to visit ever since I moved to Ålesund. Not sure quite why, but I just think it's a cool island.

So on this Sunday, I drove out to Godøya, hoping to find someone down by the harbor, willing and able to get me to and from the island. But there was no one there, so I had to think of something else to do.



Sloktinden (436m)..

came up as "something else to do". I had walked the path from Godøy Skule once before, but I figured I could stop by the WWII historical site (no: Krigsminnesmerke) and check Johan Roald's hideout during the war. I heard running water inside, which seemed very practical for those in hiding.

I then moved on to Sloktinden, with the ambition to also visit Storhornet (497m). I had never walked between two tops, and this was a good opportunity for walking on new ground. I let my dog Troll out of the backpack and off he went.


Historic site
Johan's hideout

The weather..

turned quite nasty on top of Sloktinden. We got the "regular" hailshower, but the weather settled by the time we reached Storhornet. Watching showers come and go is one of the many reasons why I frequently visit this island.

The plan had been to descend my ascent route, but now I decided to return via Alnes and the tunnel. That would make the trip a Godøya traverse - something I don't think I've done before.


Passing showers
Passing showers

Alnestunnelen ..

is a multi-purpose tunnel. I met a couple of hikers going up and down the tunnel. One of them told me this was because it was raining. In other words, a good walk but without the fresh air...

Troll was quite tired when we were back at the school after the 3+ hour trip. I had walked 9,5Km+ and Troll had walked 7 of them.

All in all, a fun route that I recommend to others.



Slideshow, all pics on this page:

The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 300D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6

To the WWII historical site

0. Trip tracks (added tunnel - not necessarily correct) (206KB) 1. Havsteinen (201KB) 2. To Sloktinden (287KB) 3. Sign pointing to the historical site (369KB) 4. Of course there were eagles.. (108KB) 5. View up the mountain (244KB) 6. Complex weather (107KB) 7. A flagpole that marks the site (330KB) 8. The plaque (446KB) 9. The hideout (357KB)

To Storhornet via Sloktinden

10. A well-defined shower is passing (120KB) 11. The shower, zoomed in (132KB) 12. To Sloktinden (209KB) 13. Giske island (167KB) 14. View down from the ridge (418KB) 15. A nasty hailshower (342KB) 16. Storhornet ahead (307KB) 17. Another small shower is passing (140KB) 18. A colorless rainbow?? (159KB) 19. Arriving Storhornet (274KB)

Descent to Alnes

20. Troll leads on (243KB) 21. My hiking pal (243KB) 22. Troll seeking comfort (390KB) 23. Alnes below (270KB) 24. Crossing the drain from Alnesvatnet (463KB) 25. Alnes under attack (195KB) 26. A crow is observing something (281KB)

Back to Godøy

27. To the tunnel (159KB) 28. Pedestrian-friendly tunnel (175KB) 29. Well inside the tunnel (159KB) 30. Sky face: a young boy (113KB) 31. Sky face: a man (99KB) 32. Sky face: a woman with long (and high) hair (136KB)

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