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"Kjerringryggen" on Lesten, Godøya, Mar 14 2008

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Kjerringryggen (Click for larger image)

"Kjerringryggen" ..

is an internal westcoastpeaks name for a route that runs up on the west side of the Kjerringgjølet (map name) couloir. If this route already has a name, please let me know.

For quite some time, I had been aware of that this might be another possible route up from the shore, but it wasn't until this Friday afternoon in March 2008 that I decided to take a closer look. In fact, I felt quite certain that my chances for success were good, so I even brought my dog along. As a matter of fact, Troll has been up all of the routes to Lesten that I've done.

The shore...

was just as beautiful as it always is. Enjoyable terrain, mighty cliffs and eagles above, waves that splash into rocks and deep evening colors in the horizon. It's always tempting to just stay down by the shore and wait for good pictures, but this hike was about something else. I had to move on.

Up the mountainside

The ascent began with a strenuous boulder field. There were very large rocks, loose rocks, I was wearing too much clothes, had no water and was carrying a dog. It was a good thing that I am fit. All of this was however irrelevant compared to the excitement about possibly getting to the top on a new route. 

The eagles kept me under observation. I figured that the nestlings were already out flying, and I didn't seem to disturb their environment. I made a mental note about buying a book about eagles. I seem them all the time, and it would be nice to know more about them.

Above the boulder field, I decided to follow a gully up to a small "basin" before moving onto the ridge. Halfway up the ridge, I just knew that this route would be easy all the way to the top. And that knowledge was the true moment of the hike. Arriving at the top, I normally don't feel anything. Not even a small yihaa. But halfway up the ridge, everything felt just great.

This was altogether an easy walk, and even if I couldn't see a clear track, I had the feeling that someone is heading up this way from time to time. I decided to rate this route to YDS 2+, as I had to use my hands for careful support one or two places.

A moment on the Godøya shore

A moment on the Godøya shore (Click for larger image)



I moved over to the side where I could look into Kjerringgjølet couloir and the ridge on the far side. That is a fascinating ridge. An eagle left one of the pinnacles just as I appeared. I hope to get a better look at this ridge, come spring and summer. Heading up the couloir without a rope didn't seem like a smart thing to do. Well, hopefully more about that later on.

Once on the plateau, I let my dog out and we had a nice walk down the path to Gjuv. By a touch of a button, the car roof went into the trunk and I drove back home watching the sunset in the mirror. Spring is in the air, and it feels just fine


Slideshow, all pics on this page:

The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 300D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6

Along the shore from Gjuv

1. The ocean meets the shore (332KB) 2. Lesten high above (267KB) 3. The ocean meets a rock (302KB) 4. Kjerringtindane above (369KB) 5. A peaceful place to be (297KB) 6. A moment by the shore (244KB) 7. My route upwards (328KB) 8. This hump is called Ryggen (321KB) 9. A cool pillar (268KB) 10. View up Kjerringgjølet (280KB) 11. Eagles above (150KB)

The ascent

12. Heading up the boulder field (361KB) 13. Nice views throughout the hike (298KB) 14. View down the boulder field (472KB) 15. A glance towards the sea (187KB) 16. View up the gully (277KB) 17. A small basin, or junction.. (363KB) 18. On the Kjerringryggen ridge (341KB) 19. View to my left (330KB) 20. Good company (manipulated photo..) (124KB) 21. View across Kjerringgjølet (293KB) 22. View across Kjerringgjølet (321KB) 23. A potential future challenge (247KB) 24. View up Kjerringryggen (277KB) 25. View down Kjerringgjølet (398KB) 26. Traffic above (164KB) 27. View to my left (329KB) 28. View down Kjerringryggen (372KB)

On the plateau + descent

29. Lesten high point ahead (284KB) 30. Kjerringgjølet (402KB) 31. View across the fjord (193KB) 32. View against the sun (124KB) 33. The sun shines on Stølsnibba (277KB) 34. Sukkertoppen (218KB) 35. The starting points from Gjuv (249KB) 36. Storhornet (287KB) 37. Islet in Alnesvatnet (271KB) 38. Troll and Storhornet (255KB) 39. The moon (129KB) 40. Back on the road (225KB) 41. Sunset in progess (159KB)

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