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Hailshower Day, Feb 22 2008

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To me, Godøya island has the great ability to turn a shitty weather day into something quite wonderful. Today was no exception. There was rain, hail, strong winds, sunshine, you name it. I decided to visit Storhornet, hoping for a repetition of "Nuclear Clouds" day, back in November 2007. 

The only difference was that on this hike, I got the hailshower on the way up instead of down. The gale-force wind wasn't too bad, but the hail it carried, was. I had been carrying my dog Troll from Gjuv and up lake Alnesvatnet, but it became evident that he needed to be on the ground to find some protection. He understood it all too well by himself, and he continued upwards without a single protest.

We hung out a few minutes behind a large rock. In this type of weather, shelter is pure pleasure and I wanted some. We reached the top 16:35PM, and the shower was almost over. Another hiker arrived at the top, and we watched the beautiful horizon come out behind the veil of light drifting snow. It was simply beautiful.

We were back down just before darkness, and just before another major shower hit the island. It had been yet another captivating afternoon on Godøya island.


Slideshow, all pics on this page:

To Storhornet

1. Klovetinden and Masdalshornet (294KB) 2. OK weather so far (132KB) 3. A rock face (299KB) 4. Here comes the pain (155KB) 5. Hail hitting Storhornet (276KB) 6. Whipping hail (272KB) 7. Troll is better off on the ground (272KB) 8. On Storhornet summit (272KB)

Life on Storhornet + descent

9. The marker is down. Again (215KB) 10. The sky is clearing up (200KB) 11. The shower that had just passed us (169KB) 12. Hareidlandet appears again (287KB) 13. The windy Troll (148KB) 14. Yup, very nuclear.. (147KB) 15. A hiker leaves. And my dog too!! (196KB) 16. Beautiful sky (143KB) 17. Neat details (138KB) 18. Goodbye for now (111KB)

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