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Facial Day, Jan 27 2008

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An intense working period limited me to short trips on local tops in the second half of January. This Sunday, I had time for a trip to Godøya, and I dedicate this trip report to all those short, nice hikes, where not much happens, but which warm your heart.

On the way up from Alnes, I began to see faces. Not humans and not ghosts, but rocks which had a profile that I thought resembled a face. I'm not a stranger to these faces, in fact I have a separate web page for them. But after seeing 4 faces within a 100m distance, I starting humming tn the Queen song; I'm going slightly mad. (It finally happened..). I concluded that I was having a facial day.

The big bonus of the day was that Troll found it in his tiny little too-fast-beating heart to scale Storhornet on foot. The trail had a thin layer of powder snow, which he seemed to enjoy a lot. The scary part was that he ran 600m, way ahead of me, without looking back once. When I finally caught up with him by the drain from Alnesvatnet, he was completely lost. Almost blind as he is, he didn't have the overview he'd like to have. He seemed glad when I came along.

For Troll to reach the summit, involved some extra (and hard) work on the icy parts. I met a female hiker on top, and we chatted for a while before we parted. Troll walked all the way back to Alnes. It wasn't a great weather day, but it was a great walk. As a matter of fact, all of my hikes and walks on Godøya have been just great.


Slideshow, all pics on this page:

Up and down Storhornet

1. Rock face (235KB) 2. Rock face (222KB) 3. Rock face (195KB) 4. Rock face (237KB) 5. Trail with powder snow (315KB) 6. Storhornet ahead (682KB) 7. Icicles (275KB) 8. Troll on the way to Storhornet (321KB) 9. Alnes (294KB) 10. Troll has the overview (283KB) 11. The summit ahead (109KB) 12. The sun shines on a spot in Alnesvatnet (196KB)

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