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Spring tide, Jan 25 2008

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This was certainly a weather day out of the ordinary. The weather forecast announced extreme weather, with spring tide (thanks Anna!) and storm along the coastline. For long, I have wanted to take pictures of this type of weather in daylight, and today I dedicated my (extended) lunch break to make a quick trip to Godøya. Because if you want to see real weather in this region, that's where you should go.

While driving across the sound towards Giske, the wind shook the car a bit and slammed a wave into my front window. I didn't find that extreme (rolling over would be), but yet - a bit out of the ordinary. Arriving Alnes, I first noticed that the waterfall from Lake Alnesvatnet was in an unusual state. The wind picked up a lot of the water and blew some of it back up. That was a "moment".

Down by the shore, the waves were impressive. I was SO grateful that I wasn't airborne or seaborne on a day like this.


Slideshow, all pics on this page:

To - and on Godøya

1. Staurnessundet (189KB) 2. White-tailed wave (174KB) 3. The molo takes a beating (171KB) 4. The aftersplash (169KB) 5. Surfing heaven (179KB) 6. Alnesvatnet waterfall (201KB) 7. Alnesvatnet waterfall (167KB) 8. An exposed sports field (216KB) 9. Simply amazing stuff (157KB) 10. Just like a speed train (158KB) 11. Slashing (147KB) 12. The molo and the wave (151KB) 13. Walking the dog, Norwegian style (209KB) 14. A beautiful sight (203KB)

In Ålesund

15. This small island is getting it (187KB) 16. There is a house in New Orleans.. (172KB) 17. Spring tide! (203KB)

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