Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

"Nuclear clouds", Nov 25 2007

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A "killer wind" was beating on the coastline. The kind of wind that will kill you if you're exposed. The surface freezes immediately and it is not pleasant to be outside. On a day like this, I chose to visit Storhornet on Godøya, and for once, without having a clue if I could make it to the top.

At Gjuv, the car seats were covered by hail once I opened up the door. Good start. But the forest was quite sheltered, and I could only imagine the conditions above, based on the "roars" I heard. I had brought my dog "Troll", and would have to consider how much whipping (hail to face) he should be exposed to.

We were lucky. Once we hit the naked ridge, the hail shower passed and we had a very pleasant walk up to the top. Blue sky and all. It was fascinating to see the "nuclear clouds" all around. Serious activity inside. I entered one of them while driving home. Everything is dark and unpleasant.

It took us 45 minutes (450 vertical meters) to the top. Once we began our descent, another hail shower came. Troll ran down the mountain as he never ran before. Soon, we were back in the forest and back in shelter. Man, it feels good to beat the leisure devil within, on a day like this.


(Pictures are a bit grainy, due to lack of daylight...)

Slideshow, all pics on this page:

Blåskjerdingen, 01:30AM (!)

1. Blåskjerdingen 01:30AM (196KB)

To Storhornet

2. A mix of everything (217KB) 3. Hail beating on Storhornet (266KB) 4. Things change quickly (274KB) 5. Monster shower behind me (441KB) 6. A closer look at the monster shower (322KB) 7. Another shower near Ålesund (212KB)

On Storhornet

8. Wide-angle view from Storhornet (553KB) 9. Troll arriving the top (128KB) 10. Nuclear cloud (98KB) 11. A slightly cold moment (145KB)

Leaving Storhornet

12. Leaving Storhornet (188KB) 13. A different world down there (376KB) 14. Hell breaks loose (292KB) 15. The Coastal Express is passing (292KB) 16. Another giant cloud (333KB)

Stopping by Alnes

17. I dare you.. (215KB) 18. The shore (260KB) 19. The waterfall and Johan Skytt (318KB) 20. Splash (315KB) 21. Alnes (146KB) 22. A crow keeping me company (110KB) 23. Incoming waves (165KB) 24. Alnes and a small splash (142KB) 25. Cool sky (124KB) 26. Valderøya and waves (237KB)

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