Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Gjuv - Alnes, Sep 9 2007

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Kåre Olav and I walked from Gjuv to Alnes on this rainy afternoon. Our dogs, Cæsar and Troll, came along. Well, Troll was carried most of the way. I love this walk, and I got the impression that Kåre Olav enjoyed it as well. Cæsar did "spectacular" jumps from rock to rock, and I was very impressed. I didn't think dogs had that kind of precision.

As we were approaching Alnes, a flock of sheep didn't like our company. But one of them stayed behind. On a closer look, it turned out that this lamb was stuck in a hole and had no chance of getting out. I was afraid that a leg was broken, but after I lifted it out of the hole, the lamb was OK.

Anyway, the rain didn't allow for much pictures, but I captured a couple of new "faces" that I hadn't seen before.


1. Cæsar passing the pothole (270KB) 2. Dog face (300KB) 3. Skull face (227KB) 4. Rock face (299KB)

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