Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

"Johan Skytt", June 20 2007

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My colleagues Terje and Kåre Olav and I headed out to Godøya to visit the famous rock (or cliff) known as Johan Skytt, located just above Alnes. Terje was picturing himself doing a handstand on the edge of this rock, and had brought along a rope for security. Along came my dog "Troll", and the four of us headed up the excellent trail from Alnes, on this gorgeous June afternoon.

"Johan Skytt" was nowhere as scary as I had imagined it to be (I thought it was slanting downwards), and none of us got a twisted face upon sitting/standing on the edge. Terje didn't feel a strong urge to perform the handstand, and we didn't feel strongly about encouraging him.

Kåre Olav had never been on Storhornet before, and wanted to move on. I guess he fought an internal battle with himself. Should he return home for the Brann - Ålesund soccer game (I assume it went on TV!), or should he explore the highest top on Godøya? Storhornet (497m) came out as the winner, but if Ålesund didn't have this bad habit of losing almost every game this season, then his choice might have been different. In any case, Terje and I were happy about moving on. Perhaps Troll too. Don't know. We never asked him.

We reached the top while sea fog came rolling in across the island. It's beautiful to watch, but a bit scary too, coming out of nowhere, as it usually does. For the second time on Storhornet, I watched my GPS go completely berserk. The altitude was reported to be 590m, and spikes went everywhere on the map. I told the guys - I think the war just began..

We decided to descend the southwest ridge and make a roundtrip out of it. Down by Alnesvatnet, I sent a message to another colleague, who sent us the scores from the soccer game, as they changed. Too bad for Ålesund, things didn't go their way this time either. We were back at Alnes, 2h:45m after leaving. Yet another excellent afternoon on Godøya.


Pictures are grained because of a too-high ISO setting on my camera

Johan Skytt

1. At the Alnes trailhead (350KB) 2. Towards Johan Skytt (264KB) 3. Johan Skytt seen from below (202KB) 4. Arnt on Johan Skytt (219KB) 5. Arnt on Johan Skytt (184KB) 6. Arnt on Johan Skytt (275KB) 7. Kåre Olav on Johan Skytt (257KB) 8. Kåre Olav on Johan Skytt (350KB) 9. Kåre Olav on Johan Skytt (268KB) 10. Terje on Johan Skytt (280KB) 11. Terje on Johan Skytt (291KB)

To Storhornet

12. Hectic bird activity in this area (247KB) 13. Graceful flow (157KB) 14. Alnesvatnet (230KB) 15. Fog sweeps in across Godøya (225KB) 16. On Storhornet summit (259KB)

Views from Storhornet

17. Wide-angle view from Storhornet (664KB) 18. Ørsta peaks zoomed in from Storhornet (639KB)


19. Descending Storhornet (327KB) 20. Storhornet (212KB) 21. Noisy lambs (240KB)

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