Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Lesten from Alnes, via "Lestagjølet", Apr 3 2007

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My neighbour Pål and I drove to Godøya for an afternoon hike. We decided to hike from Alnes, up "Lestagjølet" and past Rosethaugane (a point on Lesten). This route was (almost) the same route that Terje and I did back on March 18 2007.


I had a couple of extras on the agenda. First was a split rock above Lestaskjeret, that I had passed two times without attempting to climb. I inspected the entry point, and sure enough, it was rotten. After chopping off the rotten stuff, I felt it was safe to "get onboard". The climb itself was hardly worth mentioning, but a fall would result in a SERIOUS beating. I climbed it first, and Pål followed. Now that this rock (I named it "Lestaknollen" in lack of an official name) was "done", we could move on.


We headed up to Lestagjølet, and were observed by an eagle in the exact same position as last time. Although one can enter this gully fairly easy further to the right, entering through the hole is more fun..

We headed up to the "balcony", which is a noteworthy obstacle. Not everyone will be able to make this move, and especially not when it's raining. Pål went for the straightforward solution - stepping onto the wall, chopped the axe into the grass, and used it as handhold. I decided to see if I could pull it off without the axe, and after a couple of attempts, I was up.

Måsagjølet ridge

When we entered the Lesten plateau, it was snowing. As we passed Måsagjølet, I decided to take a quick trip along the ridge. I was very curious if the middle part was a "knife-edge". It wasn't. The ridge was trivial until the point where it dropped notably. I figured that I would be able to scramble further down, but not today. The time was well past 19:00PM, and the day would be coming to an end soon. Oh well, something to look forward to.



1. Pål climbing Lestaknollen (233KB) 2. Pål climbing Lestaknollen (228KB) 3. Pål on top of Lestaknollen (219KB) 4. Pål descending Lestaknollen (252KB)


5. Entering Lestagjølet (337KB) 6. Inside the gully (256KB) 7. Entering the balcony (353KB) 8. Sizing up the balcony (258KB) 9. Pål makes a move (255KB) 10. Home free (242KB) 11. Gully flowers (Rødsildre) (375KB) 12. The upper part of the gully (333KB) 13. On top of the gully (295KB)

Måsagjølet ridge

14. Updated picture from last trip (309KB)

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