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Godøya moments, Jan 21 2007

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Never thought I'd get to say this - I woke up to an earthquake.

I had already been on a nice hike to Høgkubben earlier in the day, but had to take a nap afterwards, allowing a bad back to rest. With a couple of painkillers "to go". I was pretty deep into the Himalayas when I woke up to the sound of "thunder". Being somewhat "off-line", I couldn't figure out what was going on. Ice melting from the roof, or an airplane passing just above the roof? The dog, taking a nap for other reasons than mine, seemed unaffected. He's used to a lot by now, I guess.

In any case, I was awake, and looked out the window. To my big surprise - and I had to look twice - I noticed colors. That's how it gets after months of miserable weather. The sun would set soon, so I grabbed the camera (and the dog) and headed out for Godøya. Not for a hike. Just for some pictures. Perhaps I would return with a moment or two.

The coastal wind reminded me why I didn't go higher than Høgkubben (450m) earlier in the day. It was quite chilly. I got to try out the new tunnel to Alnes. It turned out to be a "low-cost" version, with 1 lane for cars, and 1 line for pedestrians/bikers. On Alnes, I got a nice sunset and some very nice incoming waves. I noticed cars down in Sandvika bay. Surfers, for sure, but I couldn't see anyone in the water. I made a mental note about finding the correct camera setting for waves. The pictures turned out a bit blurry.

I didn't realize that an earthquake had passed until I got back home. Good thing that a Tsunami didn't follow, as I didn't bring any Gore-Tex gear....

1. Goaldet and Skulen (462KB) 2. Valderøya (745KB) 3. New tunnel to Alnes (330KB) 4. Arriving Alnes (155KB) 5. Evening light on Nerlandsøya and Runde (123KB) 6. Gamlemsveten (139KB) 7. Incoming waves (207KB) 8. Incoming waves (203KB) 9. Alnes Fyr (103KB9 10. Incoming waves (152KB) 11. Incoming waves (173KB) 12. Incoming waves (236KB) 13. Sunset (121KB) 14. Saudehornet after sunset (136KB)

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