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On snow to Storhornet, Jan 14 2007

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I woke up early this Sunday to the sounds of moving objects in the frontyard, and cancelled any plans for a ski-trip to a higher mountain. The weather was simply b-a-d. Later in the day, I had to walk the dog, and called buddy Svein, asking if he wanted to come along to Storhornet. He did, and came and picked me up just after noon. Then we headed to Godøya - one of my favourite areas in the Sunnmøre region.

A surprising amount of snow had fallen during the night. The trailhead was nearly snow-free, but the snowdepth gradually increased as we headed upwards. We had a few hikers ahead of us, breaking trail. Once on the ridge, some cornices were up to 70cm deep. The person breaking the trail had apparently no clue where the summer path runs, so hitting some deep pockets was unavoidable.

We reached the top 13:45PM. The weather, which had been just fine so far, seemed to unsettle. It was however fascinating to see the STRING of local rainshowers, roaming the coastline. We were quite fortunate, as little rain/snow hit Storhornet.

Upon descent, Svein did a good job in breaking trail for Troll. The sun, with a touch of evening colors, came out as we headed down. It felt REALLY good to see the sun again. I'm not sure if I've seen it since Dec 25 2006.

The bad weather moving in turned out to be a storm - a violent storm in the gusts. I was on the 07:00AM ferry to Hareid the next morning, truly regretting getting onboard. I don't like storming seas. I feel trapped. Can't dig myself into a cave, if need be. During my short stay up here (1 year), I've not yet seen the waves hit above the Sula molo, and this mornng, the waves hit ABOVE the ferry. I was almost in front of the ferry, watching one wave after the next, hit the car. A carwash seemed like a light shower, in comparison. The most spectacular scenes were when the wind got a hold of the incoming shower, and .. svooosh .. slammed the wave sideways, then up and off the ferry - just in front of the car. Having said that, this storm was NOTHING compared to the some of the nasty storms that have hit the coastline the past couple of decades...

Svein's trip report can be found here.

Pictures from the hike

To Storhornet

1. Waiting for Svein. Hmmm... (149KB) 2. On the way up from Gjuv (354KB) 3. Below the ridge (284KB) 4. Sukkertoppen (313KB) 5. On the ridge (150KB) 6. New word - islet forest (185KB) 7. Svein doing his thing (205KB) 8. And up we go.. (160KB)

On Storhornet

9. 50mm view from Storhornet (378KB) 10. 50mm view from Storhornet (418KB) 11. It does not get higher than this on Godøya (152KB) 12. Yet another fallen trigonometric marker (210KB) 13. Alnesvatnet (358KB) 14. Troll on Storhornet (139KB) 15. Høgsvora seen from Storhornet (141kB) 16. One of many local showers (132KB)


17. The trailhead (573KB9 18. The chain section (198KB) 19. Troll on foot (246KB) 20. Wet forest trail (359KB) 21. The sun sets behind Hareidlandet (138KB)

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