Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Dark and rainy hike, Nov 13 2006

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My first after-dark hike to Storhornet. I didn't rain when I left Ålesund, so I brought the camera equipment, including the tripod. On my way up the southwest ridge, the wind picked up and it started to rain. The dog and I reached the cairn 18:45PM, and I found a neat, little spot on the cairn, somewhat sheltered from the rain. So at least I got a picture, even if it didn't turn out very good. Nevertheless, it was a nice hike. The perfect pyramid-shaped silhouette is a true delight. Especially when its dark.

Pictures from the hike

From the top, somewhat blurry

1. Ålesund view from Storhornet (430KB) 2. Ålesund view from Storhornet (397KB)

A nice view from my front-door, earlier in the day

3. Nice panorama from my front-door (206KB)

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