Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Lesten via the west ridge, Oct 08 2006

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Yet another excellent hike on Godøya. I drove to Gjuv, and the dog ("Troll") - and I left the trailhead 15:02PM. Troll walked until we reached the distinct tower-like rock, where I spent some time scrambling on the cliff. The goal for the day was to ascend the plateau via the west ridge. I had noticed a route that seemed quite doable, back when I walked this shore for the first time.

After spending time down by the sea, trying to get some good pictures of waves slamming into the cliffs, I moved on to the west ridge. I followed the marked shore-path until I could see the Lestaskjeret reef, then turned right and entered the west ridge from the north side. I followed a distinct gully up to a plateau where I had a fine view towards Måsegjølet, that I hiked about a week earlier.

There were clear signs of a track up along the ridge, and from this plateau, I followed a path up the high plateau. I let Troll out of the backpack, and we headed across the 400m high point, before descending on path to Gjuv. I decided to take a short-cut just before the trail junction below Storhornet. Suddenly, the dog was nowhere to be seen. I went searching for him, and thanks to his ..quiet moans.. I found him trapped in a hole by a rock. A dog owner's nightmare, especially when the dog is small. This is the main reason why I've ALWAYS kept him close by.

Half-way down the path to Gjuv, which now resembled a small creek, Troll made a stop, vomited a couple of times, and continued, seemingly happy, down to the Gjuv trailhead. We were back at the car 18:00PM, 3 hours after departure. A good result from a rather miserable day. My friends Petter and PJ left early this morning, in pouring rain. We had hiked Dalegubben by Hjørundfjorden in rain the day before, and I had mentally prepared for a day indoors, this Sunday. But in the afternoon, the Ålesund region, and only the Ålesund region, cleared up.

Pictures from the hike

Along the coastline

1. Map of the route (157KB) 2. The Trollråsa route on Sukkertoppen (577KB) 3. Out seeking new moments (227KB) 4. Troll catching up (222KB) 5. Sula island (252KB) 6. Steep walls (237KB) 7. Cool scrambling cliff (224KB) 8. Coastal moments (197KB) 9. Rock faces (237KB) 10. Timing... (181KB) 11. Big boulder territory (230KB) 12. More good timing (160KB) 13. Route safety measures (336KB) 14. A cool path (269KB) 15. Passing the pothole (291KB) 16. What does place look like during a storm? (305KB) 17. Sea rocks (209KB)

West ridge ascent

18. The west ridge (173KB) 19. The west ridge route (202KB) 20. The west ridge route (234KB) 21. A nice spot for resting (281KB) 22. Lestaskjeret (282KB) 23. The gully (333KB) 24. Måsegjølet (184KB) 25. Up to the plateau (221KB) 26. Nosy birds. Finch (Carduelis flavirostris), (Bergirisk) (123KB)


27. Future project (331KB) 28. Storhornet (121KB) 29. Troll trapped in a hole (451KB)

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