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Storehanen, Selsteinen, Hestefjellet, Sollia, Apr 28 2009

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The route

The route
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This afternoon's walk would be close to a repetition of my June 2006 walk across these Moldtudalen tops. The difference was that now I would include Storehanen on the hike, and I would be going in the opposite direction - visiting Sollia last.  The weather was brilliant, and I was in a good mood, seemingly recovering well from a flu that had kept me away from the mountains for more than a week.

The plan was to hike Storehanen along the regular path, but I changed my mind at the trailhead. Why not just head straight up? Walking 650m (in the wrong direction) just to get on the path seemed like a stupid idea, and then I went off-trail straight towards Storehanen.

This turned out to be a very good plan. Up by the cliffs below Storehanen, I discovered a cleft that I didn't know about. The entrance was a bit high, and as I wasn't able to easily get into it, I decided to save it for another day. IMHO, it is very important for the heart, soul and mind to constantly have things on the to-do list...

On the way up, I spent some quality time trying to get up an airy pinnacle within the 10 seconds it takes for the camera to count down. And after a couple of attempts, I succeeded.


Visiting a pinnacle

Visiting a pinnacle
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The Sollia massif is nice and easy terrain. There is no forest, and OK paths run across the plateau from Storehanen to Sollia. And back down, for that matter. Those who want to keep a good pace, are able to. But given the beautiful weather, I wasn't in a particular hurry.

Arriving on Hestefjellet, I felt like taking a picture that included my dear ice-axe, but given the recent mishap on Haddalshornet, I decided not to let it fly this time. Instead, I had a round of golf, aiming to let the camera capture the moment the small rock-ball flew away. After a couple of attempts, I succeeded. I have never played golf in my life, and I solemnly swear I never will. At least not without a helmet...


Golf on Hestefjellet

Golf on Hestefjellet
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Arriving on Sollia, it was very tempting to continue towards Rjňhornet and then back home. But that would leave me with a logistical issue (the car). After the NOK 500,- taxi fare from Vartdal to Liadal, I've become a bit careful about giving in to my urge for mountain crossings...

So I returned to the Moldtudalen trailhead via Lake M°rkevatnet, and was back at the car 2h:50m after leaving. The total distance was approx. 10km, and the vertical gain was approx. 700m.


Coastal tops

Coastal tops
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The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 450D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6

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To Storehanen

0A. Trip tracks 0B. Route profile 1. Trailhead view 2. Up the boulder 3. Cool pinnacle 4. Cliffs below Storehanen 5. Rock face 6. A hidden cleft 7. Visiting a pinnacle 8. Moldtu 9. Moldtudalen trailhead 10. Her°y islands

Wide-angle view from Storehanen

11. Wide-angle view from Storehanen

To Sollia

12. Selsteinen 13. Selsteinen summit 14. Keipen on Skorpa island 15. Storehanen 16. Me on Selsteinen 17. Slettheia 18. Selsteinen 19. Shades and layers 20. Company on Hestefjellet 21. Hestefjellet summit 22. A round of golf 23. Sollia 24. Kjerringvatnet 25. Coastal tops 26. The easternmost Sollia cairn 27. View towards Rjňhornet 28. Sollia summit

Wide-angle view from Sollia

29. Wide-angle view from Sollia

Zoom views from Sollia

30. 85mm zoom view from Sollia 31. 85mm zoom view from Sollia


32. Raudsandvatnet 33. Tops around Storevatnet 34. Syrebakkane 35. Below Selsteinen 36. Sunset

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