Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Sandvikhornet after dark (& new camera house),
Feb 5 2009

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Bondalseidet seen from Sandvikhornet

Bondalseidet seen from Sandvikhornet
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My Canon 300D EOS house died on Sunday (it was probably worn out) and today (Thursday) I received my new 450D EOS in the mail. Naturally, I was eager to test it out and went up to Sandvikhornet (and later on Skåla) after dark. I set the camera in Bulb mode (long exposures under user control), but as it was a very bright evening, I stopped most captures after 45-60 seconds. And the result, compared to the 300?

Oh boy...

I can only imagine what the professional cameras are delivering. But they're unfortunately out my price range. But to those out there who wonder if they should upgrade from their 300D - do it!



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The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 450D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6

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Pics from Sandvikhornet & Skåla

1. Ulsteinvik 2. Bondalseidet 3. Bergsøya 4. Eggesbønes 5. Leinøya 6. Moon Corona 7. Parts of the Sollia massif 8. Øyrahornet - the neighbour top 9. Herøybrua 10. Ulsteinvik and Hareidlandet 11. Sandvikhornet 12. Rjåhornet

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