Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Brandtua, Syrebakkane, Hestefjellet, Selsteinen,
May 10 2009

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This weekend, I was babysitting Odin, and I decided to give him enough exercise to last for the whole week. On Friday, we went up Blåtind (697m). On Saturday, we visited Melshornet (807m) in Ørsta/Volda and Leinehornet (366m) on Leinøya. And after a roundtrip across Brandtua (440m), Syrebakkane (455m), Hestefjellet (621m) and Selsteinen (598m), we went up Varden (333m) on Runde. On Sunday evening, I returned Odin to his owner with a good conscience. And according to him, the next day Odin had a rough morning - trying to get up...


On Syrebakkane/Litledalshornet

On Syrebakkane/Litledalshornet
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This 9km trip across these 4 tops took 2h:40m. We started from the Moldtudalen trailhead, followed the mountain road to Mørkevatnet for 1,2km, then turned right onto a path leading up to Brandtua (crossing the river on a bridge). We continued along a path to Syrebakkane (Litledalshornet), then descended off-trail into Litledalen and walked/scrambled up Hestefjellet's west ridge (off-trail). From here, we proceeded along the high route to Selsteinen and followed a path down to Moldtudalen.


The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 450D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6

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To Brandtua

0. Trip tracks 1. To Brandtua 2. Part of the route 3. On Brandtua

Wide-angle view from Brandtua

4. Wide-angle view from Brandtua

To Syrebakkane

5. On Syrebakkane 6. Our route up Hestefjellet 7. Raudsandvatnet 8. Sandsøya 9. Veten - Hidsegga 10. Runde 11. Tops surrounding Storevatnet 12. Odin resting on Syrebakkane 13. Moldtudalen trailhead

To Hestefjellet & Selsteinen

14. Up Hestefjellet west ridge 15. To Hestefjellet 16. Mørkevatnet 17. Into the fog 18. On Hestefjellet 19. Odin - a good dog 20. On the way to Selsteinen, looking back 21. On Selsteinen

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