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Slettefjellet, 958m (Slettafjellet)
Kyrafjellet, 775m* ("Hodnafjellet")

Fylke/Kommune : Hordaland/Vaksdal
Maps : 1216-IV Matre (Statens Kartverk, Norge 1:50 000)
Primary Factor: Slettefjellet: 390m
Primary Factor: Kyrafjellet: 60m
Hiked : Sep 2005
See also : Raunefjellet
See also : Saudalsnovi

Slettefjellet seen from Saudalsnovi

Slettefjellet seen from Saudalsnovi

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Slettefjellet is one of the tops along the mountain range between Mofjorden and Eidsfjorden. This range rises up from Romarheimsfjorden/Osterfjorden and gradually merges with the vast Stølsheimen mountain region in the northeast.

Because of the characteristic summit plateau, Slettefjellet is one of the few western Hordaland landmarks that is easily recognized. The mountain dominates the southern part of the Modalen/Eksingadalen mountain range and the views from the summit are extensive, although the Saudalsnovi - Storfjelli massif blocks views towards the southwest.

This web-page describes an easy (on-trail and off-trail) route where the smaller top Kyrafjellet (point 774m) gives "extra credit". The Eidslandet locals refer to this top as "Hodnafjellet" (Hodn - horn). Økonomisk Kartverk states that the name of this top is Kyrafjellet, while the 1216-IV map has Kyrafjellet a bit further south. To "maximise" confusion, I am using 775m as height for this top.

There is another mountain named "Hornafjellet" (936m) 1,3Km NW of Kyrafjellet, and I am not confusing the names. The Eidslandet locals refer to this mountain as "Mohodnafjellet" - indicating that this mountain is facing the place Mo by Mofjorden. Likewise, the Mo locals refer to point 774m as "Eikemohodnafjellet".

I would strongly recommend an approach via Eikemostølen. Access from Eidslandet (via Eidsnovi and Snjofannefjellet) may be difficult because of Slettefjellet's steep southwest cliffbands. When I looked at these cliffs from Raunefjellet to the west, I saw no obvious routes up the cliffbands. However, ascent may be easier on the eastern side of these cliffbands.

Primary Factor

Slettefjellet (1216-IV: 958m, Ø.K.: -) has a primary factor of 390m towards the higher Høgafjellet (1020m). The saddle is found S of Lake Hevikatjørni (Lake Høviketjørni on Ø.K.). Ref. Økonomisk Kartverk (5m contours), you cross the 570m contours on the high route, but not 565m. The saddle height has been set to 568m. Over a 10-minute period, I measured the top of the cairn (32 V 325246 6741320) to 964m.

Kyrafjellet (1216-IV: 774m, Ø.K.: highest contour is 775m) has a primary factor of 60m towards the higher Slettefjellet (958m). The saddle is found along the ridge between the two tops. Ref. the 1216-IV map (20m contours), you cross the 720m contours on the high route, but not 700m. Based on the GPS, I have set the saddle height to 715m.

Trail descriptions:

Notes: Class ratings are in reference to YDS. Click here for more information.

The trails described below are not necessarily the *easiest* trails to this mountain.

Eikemo - Slettefjellet (not including Kyrafjellet) (summer/autumn)

Difficulty : Class 2 (YDS)
Exposure : No
Comments : Easy terrain
Distance : Approx. 3,5Km to the top
Time : Approx. 2-3 hours to the top
Starting Elev.: Approx. 100m
Vertical Gain : Approx. 870-890m (total)

Map of the area
Map of the area
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Detailed map
Detailed map
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From Bergen, follow highway E16 towards Oslo. From the Bergsdalen exit in Dale (approx. 50Km from Bergen), continue on highway E16 for 2,7Km and turn left towards Romarheim/Mo. Continue on this road for approx. 11,7Km until you reach the Gammersvik junction. Turn left towards Romarheim/Mo (don't drive across the bridge to Osterøy). After *approx.* 13,2Km you should see the "Eikemostølen" trailsign on your left. This is 350m after you pass the bridge to Eikemo, on your right hand side. Find parking 200m in the direction of Eikemo.

Alternatively, from Bergen,follow highway E39 northbound (toll road) and turn right towards Mo/Romarheim at the foot of the Romarheimsdalen valley. Drive to Mo and just north of Mo, turn right towards Dale. Drive 3,8Km until you join the road from Eidslandet. Turn left and drive 2,7Km to the Eikemostølen trailsign (or 2,5Km to the parking).

The route


The route from the road to the Eikemostølen cabin (345m) is marked by blue paint on rocks and trees. The route is a mix between high grass and a visible path - muddy after rain.

Proceed westbound and upwards, along point 774m's south cliffs. Ref. your 1216-IV map, you are now heading up Kyrafjellet. BUT - on this web page, Kyrafjellet is equivalent to point 774m and Kyrafjellet's south cliffs are known as "Hornefjelsnovæ" (Ø.K.) Once you reach the small ridge between Kyrafjellet (point 774m) and Slettefjellet, follow the ridge and gradually move towards the main Slettefjellet northeast ridge, rising from Lake Hornafjellsvatnet. The terrain gets easier the higher you go. The summit is marked by a large cairn. Descend your ascent route.

Kyrafjellet - point 774m



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This is a fun bonus, and I recommend it strongly. From Eikemostølen, head up to 560m elevation. There are three distinct terrain features that you should note. 1) Up to your right is your ascent route which will take you up Kyrafjellet's east side. 2) A bit higher (beneath the cliffs) you see a narrow ledge that will also take you to the top. This is more airy approach. 3) Higher up the slopes, you see a steep, grassy gully that will also take you to the top. More importantly, this is your descent route if you want don't want to take the long way down from Kyrafjellet.

Back to the ascent - turn right and hike up northbound among boulder until you reach a large "terrace". Scramble up grassy pitches until you see upper part of Kyrafjellet present itself as a big and unfriendly hump. There is only one route up from this side, and it runs just above the south cliffs. There are several ways of getting to the beginning of this route and you will need to decide the best way to get to this point.

The summit area is flat with no cairn. If your plan is to continue towards Slettefjellet, then you must either hike down Kyrafjellet's southwest ridge until you are on top of the grassy gully I mentioned above. The loss of vertical gain is moderate. The only other alternative is to continue 800m along Kyrafjellet's north ridge, turn left and descend down to Lake Hornafjellsvatnet. Don't bother waste time looking for ways to get down before you reach the lake. Once down by the lake, follow Slettefjellet's northeast ridge to the summit.

Trip Report Sep 24 2005

Slettefjellet represents a mountain region that I am not very familiar with. I have been to the mountains east and west of Slettefjellet, but never on this mountain range that separates Mofjorden and Eidsfjorden. From the nearby mountains, I have looked at Slettefjellet dozens and dozens of times, and told myself that I should go there soon. This Saturday in September, the time had come. After days and weeks of unfavorable weather, we got some blue sky. Today was the day for Slettefjellet.

I stopped in Eidslandet and asked if there was a trail up to Slettefjellet. A local explained where the trail ran and I asked him to confirm that it was to Slettefjellet. "Yes", he said. "But we call it Eidsnovi". I knew where Eidsnovi was. I would then have to walk across Snjofannefjellet and find a way up Slettefjellet's southwest cliffs. Sometime the locals give you good information and sometimes they don't.


I decided to hike via Eikemostølen. The trail was on the map, and in addition, it was very well marked with blue paint. I left the car 11:50PM and reached the cabin 30 minutes later. My dog "Troll" was in the backpack. I put him in the backpack at the trailhead, denying him the usual sit-down protest. Kyrafjellet - I didn't know the name at the time (and am not sure I even do now) was a fascinating sight, and I decided to visit this top first.

Below the steep Kyrafjellet cliffs, I found a route that would take me a bit up the mountain in a safe manner. I had considered taking the more sensible approach - hike up to the Slettefjellet - Kyrafjellet saddle and head up from there, but found this "heading into the unknown" approach much more fun.

The lower part was quite easy, but I wondered if I was heading into a dead end when I got the steep upper part in view. I stayed close to the cliffs as the terrain was more broken up, giving me opportunities for scrambling. The feature-free massive slab-block wasn't inviting at all. High up above the cliffs, things turned a bit difficult. I left the dog and the backpack and attempted to climb a short section that seemed to get me to the summit. I had to give up and just as I was about to turn around, I decided to go all the way to the end of the cliff. There I found a perfect route which solved all my problems. 13:20PM, I was standing on top of Kyrafjellet.


I descended Kyrafjellet's southwest ridge only to run into cliff after cliff. I went over to the steep and narrow ledge that I could scramble down. I chose not to for two reasons. First of all, it was a bit airy and balance is not good when carrying a dog. Second, I assumed there had to be a route up there somewhere. I headed back up to the mountain and started looking for descent routes.

After two failed descent attempts, I realized that I would have to walk to the end of Kyrafjellet's north ridge. This ridge is approx. 800m, and it felt like a solid detour. Once down by Lake Hornafjellsvatnet, I got confirmation that a safe descent in the direction of Slettefjellet from Kyrafjellet isn't possible. I headed towards Slettefjellet's northeast ridge and let "Troll" out of the backpack. The ridge was all rock and walking was easy for the both of us. The summit was reached 14:40PM.

I could see a whole lot of mountains from the top, but wasn't really sure what I was looking at. Very few mountains were characteristic. I recognized Skjerjavasshovden and Kvitanosi, and the Saudalsnovi - Storfjelli massif I knew by now. The rest had to be figured out while sitting by the computer. It was quite hazy towards the south and I hardly saw anything. But it was a nice day and I laid down on the grass with the dog on my chest. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment. I didn't feel a single muscle in his body move.

It's amazing how concerns vanish on the mountains. I can ponder on a work problem on my regular hike to Mt. Ulriken, but in these mountains, it's all about the mountain and the many details involved. Finding a good route up to Kyrafjellet had been tremendous fun and the long walk up to Slettefjellet was all pleasant. And now I was rewarded with sunshine on top and a dog that clearly enjoyed being here.


The descent was uneventful for me, but a massive project for the dog. The grass was high and the hillside above Eikemostølen was very challenging for him. But he managed to walk all the way down to the car, arrival time 16:30PM. He fell asleep right away he looked very, very tired. On the way to the mountain, I had taken the road from Dale. As Daletunnelen closed 15:00PM due to maintenance work, I had to drive home via Romarheim. Somehow, a long drive back home is never a bother when a fine mountain has been visited.

Pictures from the Sep 24 2005 hike:

To Kyrafjellet, aka Hodnafjellet

1. On the way to Slettefjellet (136KB) 2. Hesjedalsfossen (189KB) 3. Kyrafjellet (189KB) 4. Eikemostolen trailhead (484KB) 5. On the way to Eikemostolen (423KB) 6. Eikemostolen (271KB) 7. On the way to Kyrafjellet (224KB) 8. On the way to Kyrafjellet (254KB) 9. Below Kyrafjellet (247KB) 10. Below Kyrafjellet (419KB) 11. View down from Kyrafjellet (545KB) 12. The steeper upper part on Kyrafjellet (349KB) 13. Troll waiting in the back-pack (396KB) 14. Steep part on Kyrafjellet (275KB) 15. View down from Kyrafjellet (329KB) 16. Slettefjellet and Hornafjellet (628KB) 17. Kyrafjellet summit (201KB)

To Slettefjellet

18. No quick down from Kyrafjellet (311KB) 19. Kyrafjellet cliffs (512KB) 20. Troll (141KB) 21. On the way up Slettefjellet (345KB) 22. High on Slettefjellet (215KB) 23. Slettefjellet summit cairn (348KB)

Slettefjellet views

24. Slettefjellet summit views (699KB) 25. Slettefjellet summit views (734KB) 26. Slettefjellet summit views (998KB) 27. Slettefjellet summit views (700KB) 28. Slettefjellet summit views (558KB) 29. Mofjorden seen from Slettefjellet (249KB) 30. Troll on Slettefjellet (144KB) 31. Slettefjellet summit views (zoom) (1366KB) 32. Mostraumen seen from Slettefjellet (167KB) 33. Slettefjellet summit views (zoom) (432KB) 34. River from Saudalsnovi (269KB) 35. Kvitanosi seen from Slettefjellet (160KB) 36. Skjerjavasshovden seen from Slettefjellet (204KB) 37. Slettefjellet summit views (zoom) (172KB)


38. Descending Slettefjellet (188KB) 39. Variying shades on Slettefjellet (316KB) 40. Big rocks on Slettefjellet (212KB) 41. Cliffbands on Slettefjellet (295KB) 42. Kyrafjellet (460KB) 43. Mo by Mofjorden (233KB)

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Pictures from other hikes:

1. South panorama from Raunefjellet (569KB) 2. Slettefjellet seen from Raunefjellet (325KB) 3. Geitafjelli summit view (624kB)

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