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Keipen (431m), June 28 2006

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Troll on Keipen

Troll on Keipen
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When I started querying my colleagues about Skorpa in spring, Vidar Kvalsund volunteered to take me out by boat, come summer. June 28 2006 qualified for summer, and Vidar was a man of his words. We met at the Nerlandsøya harbor and were on our way to Skorpa 4:45PM. Vidar was raised on Nerlandsøya, but is now living on Bergsøya. In addition to being the captain on the ship, he had first-hand knowledge about the surrounding region.

Along on this trip was my dog "Troll". Not too pleased about the sea, he entered the "tell me when this is over" mode. The trip didn't last long, and we anchored up in the bay 5:05PM. It was a gorgeous and warm evening. The owners of one of the summerhouses were sunbathing in the backyard. We took it nice and easy upwards, enjoying the evening and the views.

Troll more or less walked all the way up, and by 6:25PM, we were standing on Keipen summit. I took an extra set of all pictures, just in case. Getting back to this island was not something I could accomplish on my own. While Vidar explained the detailed views in the local region, I was able to contribute by identifying the distant mountains. It was quite a view from up here. From Løvsøya to Stad. And dozens and dozens of landmarks in-between. Seeing Svinøy fyr (lighthouse) was very cool. Getting onshore on that island isn't trivial, due to the rugged sea. I could also see two other tops named Keipen; Keipen on Storfjellet in Haram and Keipen near Ålfotbreen.

After lunch, studying the local cliffs and the wild goats on the west side of the island (Vidar had superb binoculars - 35x - awesome!) it was time to head back down. Troll walked all the way, except for a helping hand on some long steps in the rocky part of the route.

Back at sea, Vidar drove into Skorpesundet so I could see the cabin used in World War II. Seeing Skagetåa on Nerlandsøya from Skorpesundet was a sight I will remember for a long time. Troll was in better mood on the way back, and kept a steady look-out towards the harbor. 20:30PM, we were back at Nerlandsøya, and I was perfectly set-up for the 20:30PM ferry from Hareid.

Many thanks to Vidar for the "lift" and the company!


Vidar - captain of the boat

Vidar - captain of the boat
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From Herøybrua bridge and Nerlandsøya

1. View from Herøybrua (899KB) 2. View from Herøybrua (1135KB) 3. Ulsteinvik seen from Herøybrua (865KB) 4. The goal for the day (172KB) 5. Leinehornet on Leinøya (197KB) 6. Herøyfjorden (297KB)

To Skorpa

7. On the way to Skorpa (184KB) 8. Troll, not enjoying the ride (161KB) 9. Approaching Skorpa (144KB) 10. The harbor (276KB) 11. Careful steering (206KB) 12. A seagull moment (257KB)

To Keipen

13. On Skorpa (432KB) 14. On the way to Keipen (318KB) 15. Troll fighting grass (399KB) 16. Heading for the ridge (246KB) 17. A rocky hump ahead (249KB) 18. A few long steps here and there (295KB) 19. South view, wide-angle (271KB) 20. South view, 50mm (648KB) 21. The harbor (345KB) 22. Reefs (176KB)

Wide-angle panorama from Keipen (not annotated)

23. Wide-angle panorama from Keipen (705KB)

50mm panorama from Keipen (annotated)

24. 50mm panorama from Keipen (1480KB)

Zoom panoramas from Keipen (annotated)

25. Zoom panorama from Keipen (872KB) 26. Zoom panorama from Keipen (1098KB) 27. Zoom panorama from Keipen, part 1/2 (957KB) 28. Zoom panorama from Keipen, part 2/2 (678KB)

Other pics from Keipen

29. Svinøy Fyr (227KB) 30. Storevarden on Nerlandsøya (174KB) 31. The place Nerland (256KB) 32. Hornelen seen from Keipen (123KB) 33. Nerlandsøya (234KB) 34. Vidar and Troll (372KB) 35. Fosnavåg (232KB) 36. Ulsteinvik (201KB) 37. Wild goats on Skorpa (169KB) 38. Captain Vidar (194KB) 39. Lunch at an exclusive spot (188KB) 40. Taking in the sunshine (211KB)

Descent and return to Nerlandsøya

41. Descending Keipen (290KB) 42. Descending Keipen (359KB) 43. The former telephone building (219KB) 44. Cabin used during the war (257KB) 45. Skagetåa (226KB) 46. Skagetåa (216KB) 47. Goodbye to Keipen (93KB)

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