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Roundtrip across Repparåsen and Skåldalsfjellet, Jan 9 2005

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Trip report, Jan 9 2005 hike:

My insipiration for traveling somewhere in Hordaland, looking for a new mountain, was dramatically reduced after yesterday's hike to Svensdalsåsen. I decided to take a trip to Repparåsen, forcing myself to complete the web pages for the mountains in this region. My friend Petter Bjørstad joined me for this hike. My dog was confined to the house, as I expected nasty weather in the mountains.

There was a touch of blue sky on our way to Indre Arna, but the second we got out of the car, a hailshower lowered our hopes for moderately good weather. We left the car 11:15AM, and headed up a forest road below Arnanipa. I had "discovered" this road back in September 2004, when I had an excellent evening trip to Arnanipa. This time, we would go beyond the "Ådnanipa" trailsign, and look for a path up to Repparåsen, which was the main target for the day.

The trail faded into a boggy and steep hillside. We decided to take a direct approach up to Tunesfjellet - the northeast ridge of Repparåsen. The hillside got quite steep and we had to show some caution to avoid falling down from this slippery slope. After a short while, we were standing on the western viewpoint (565m) and took in the (limited) views, before we headed towards the top. The snow got gradually deeper, the hailshowers and the fog came and went, and we started the notice the winds from the west.

We reached the top of Repparåsen 12:40PM. We measured the height with a GPS, and the map height (609m) seems accurate. We decided to continue across Skåldalsfjellet, and get a round-trip hike. Down in the saddle between Repparåsen and Skåldalsfjellet, we measured the saddle elevation. The reading was approx. 515m, which means Repparåsen's primary factor would be 94m. 6m short of making it to my list of independent mountains in Hordaland.

Ugly weather sat in on our way up the Skåldalsfjellet north ridge. We stayed on the east side of the ridge, getting some shelter from the winds. The snow held in places, while reaching up to our knees in other places. A bit tiresome, when you never know how the next step goes. But all in all, the hike up the ridge went easier than I had anticipated, and by 13:25PM, we were standing on top. We measured the elevation, and the map height of 719m seems to be correct. We measured the wind-speed, which was 12 m/s at the strongest. The horizontal drift of snow and hail made the wind feel more annoying than the wind speed would indicate.

We sat course for a valley just east of the Garnesrinden ridge. We followed a stream downwards, and noted that there is probably not a summer path along this stream. The snow didn't hold any more, and we looked forward to reach the huts in Reppadalen valley, where we expected to find a trail.

We did, and the trail turned into a wide forest road. This was the same forest road we had been following on our way upwards, and after a while, we were back on a familar track. We were back at the car 14:40PM, having had our share of fresh air for the day.

Back at the house, Troll was jumping and barking when I arrived. The message was clear, and after a short bite (closely followed by a pair of impatient eyes), we headed for Mt. Ulriken. Troll ran up like he had never been on a mountain before, and by 16:50PM, we were standing on the summit. The sun had gone down while we were hiking upwards, it was a nice moment on top. The wind-speed was still 12 m/s, but there was no hail and no rain (the rain came later, of course). I decided that this would be enough hiking for one day.

Pictures from the Jan 09 2005 hike:

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Errata: The name "Reppardalen" is used on some pictures. The correct name is "Reppadalen".

1. What a start of the hike .. (120KB) 2. View to Indre Arna from the forest road (79KB) 3. Passing Arnanipa on the way to Repparaasen (140KB) 4. A steep hill leading to Repparaasen (155KB) 5. Ulriken massif seen on the way to Repparaasen (294KB) 6. Powerline on Repparaasen (87KB) 7. Arnanipa seen from Repparaasen (114KB) 8. Petter studies the route ahead (288KB) 9. Repparaasen ahead (404KB) 10. Petter on top of Repparaasen (54KB) 11. Parts of Hananipa seen from Repparaasen (259KB) 12. Reppadalen valley (287KB) 13. Repparaasen SE ridge (230KB) 14. The pass between Repparaasen and Skaaldalsfjellet (114KB) 15. Skaaldalsfjellet north ridge (161KB) 16. Bad weather on Skaaldalsfjellet (84KB) 17. Skaaldalsfjellet summit (216KB) 18. On the way to Reppadalen (109KB) 19. Arriving Reppadalen (204KB) 20. In Reppadalen (274KB)

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