Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Signalen from Sætredalen, Oct 12 2007

This walk is described as route #2 on the Signalen main page.

Trip notes, Oct 12 2007

I had limited daylight this Friday afternoon, but found there was ample time for a visit to Signalen. I had lots of undone activities on this island. Hiking from the north was one example. I didn't have much time to plan this walk, but I started once I came home from work, and had a complete overview within the minute.

I found the trailhead right away and was on my way 17:30PM. It was already too dark for taking good pictures, but there are ways around that problem. The dog - Troll - wasn't very keen on walking, so I carried him up to the dam, and then some. Above the dam, I told him to walk (in a firm voice), which he did.

We reached the top of Signalen 18:00PM. I had expected to descend the same way, but noticed a couple of hikers on a ridge further west. Cool. My previous 7 walks had all been roundtrips, and now I didn't have to break this new trend. We were back at the car 18:30PM. A nice hour had been spent on Valderøya, and now I knew 2 more routes to this nice island top.


Note: The pictures are underexposed and heavily post-processed.


To Signalen

1. Early morning 2. The trailhead (393KB) 3. The trailhead (366KB) 4. The dam (214KB) 5. The dam (384KB) 6. A flock of birds (91KB) 7. Up the mountain (387KB) 8. The dam (270KB) 9. A rock with text on (294KB) 10. Arriving Signalen (193KB)

On Signalen

11. Circular viewfinder (317KB) 12. Wide-angle view from Signalen (656KB) 13. Grytafjorden view (202KB)


14. Godøya and Giske (155KB) 15. The Vigra mast (229KB) 16. Down Storefjellet (227KB) 17. Rock face (352KB) 18. Above Skjonghelleren (390KB) 19. Descending Storefjellet (655KB) 20. To the dam (380KB)

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