Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Signalen after dark, Feb 7 2007

This walk is described as route #1 on the Signalen main page

Trip notes, Feb 7 2007

Almost one year after visiting Signalen for the first time, I was back again. This time after dark, hoping to get some OK pictures. A cold, notable wind was disturbing. Both for me, the dog and the camera on the tripod. Still, the outcome wasn't totally bad. After-dark panoramas are quite fun, and I wish I understood camera techniques better.

Half the route was pure ice. My dog Troll would surely rate this route as class 4, had he only understood the YDS classification system. We followed the "trade route" from Valderhaug, reached the top approx. 19:30PM and returned the same way.


1. Wide-angle panorama from Signalen (855KB) 2. Valderhaug (248KB) 3. Troll outwaiting that stupid camera (280KB) 4. The Valderøya - Giske bridge (161KB)

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