Norwegian Mountains, M°re og Romsdal

Signalen from Valderhaug, Feb 4 2006

This walk is described as route #1 on the Signalen main page.

Trip notes, Feb 4 2006

This was my first stop on my "island-hopping" project this Saturday. Wind, rain and fog didn't invite to go after higher mountains, so I dedicated the day to sightseeing. Me and the dog headed out 12:25PM and reached the top 12:55PM, after taking it slow and easy upwards.

The wind had gale force on top, and keeping the camera steady was a challenge. Fortunately, it didn't rain when we were on top. After a short stay, we headed back down and continued towards Molnesfjellet on Vigra.


1. Leaving ┼lesund on a grey day (158KB) 2. Just after Valder°ytunnelen (139KB) 3. On the way to Signalen (179KB) 4. View towards God°ya, on the way to Signalen (308KB) 5. Views on the way to Signalen (312KB) 6. Valderhaug (776KB) 7. Vigra seen from Signalen (722KB) 8. Ellings°ya seen from Signalen (474KB) 9. ┼lesund seen from Signalen (425KB) 10. Troll and the summit cairns (209KB) 11. Circular viewfinder on top (199KB) 12. Kjeholmen seen from Signalen (204KB) 13. ┼lesund zoomed in from Signalen (534KB) 14. Havsteinen outside God°ya (184KB) 15. Signalen summit (163KB) 16. Descending Signalen (496KB)

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