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Sandvikshornet on foot, Jul 23 2006

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The day before, my colleague Torill and I visited Lauparen. At the end of the hike, we agreed to visit Sandvikshornet the day after. A fine end to a busy week for Torill, that included Emdalstindane, Store Skagastølstind (!!) and Lauparen. Torill had visited Sandvikshornet on two previous occasions, but never from Løset, which was the trailhead I had in mind. I had also visualised the possibility of including Søvikhornet. I SMS'ed Torill about this option, and she was all for it. She had never been to Søvikhornet.

We took the 09:00AM ferry from Magerholm and were on our way 09:40AM, after talking to a local who confirmed that we were on the "right track". My dog "Troll" was keeping us company, and I knew that since Torill was coming along, Troll would walk until he was unable to walk no more. It was just as hot as the day before, approx. 23 deg. C. Troll's tongue was collecting forest samples throughout the hike...

I learned a new local word today; "Røra". The local I spoke to, told me to just follow "røra". "Rør" in Norwegian means "pipe". I asked him if we were to follow a pipeline? He nodded. "Just follow -røra-", he said. Trying to get this right, I modeled a pipe with my hands, and asked for confirmation about the pipeline. The local nodded. "Røra, yes". Still a bit confused (as I didn't see any pipeline, and assumed that Lake Løsetvatnet drained to the north) I asked if "røra" meant "path". The local (probably having passed 80) nodded again. "Yes, røra", he repeated once again. I went back to Torill, who explained that "røra" meant "forest ridge" in the local dialect". It was now quite obvious that the forest ridge was the answer to every problem.

We headed up the forest trail and, once on "røra", we reached a trail fork by a salt stone. We turned left and immediately got a good feeling about this path, which, sure enough, led us all the way to Sandvikshornet. We reached the top 11:20AM, and encountered no local fog as we did the day before. It was just a brilliant, hot day, with flies on top. The views from this top were simply OUTSTANDING!

Sandvikshornet/Søvikhornet (left)

Sandvikshornet/Søvikhornet (left)


12:05PM, we were on our way down from Sandvikshornet. We had already agreed to visit Søvikhornet. The hike so far hadn't "been much", and although we were running low on water (both carrying just above 0,5L) we both felt that there was "room" for one more top. We descended back to the trail fork and entered the trail towards Løsetvatnet. Before the trail descended towards the lake, we noticed a vague path going in the right direction, and got on it.

The forest path was more cumbersome than the path to Sandvikshornet, but we had no problems following it. It is fair to say that the final 200 vertical meters were hard. Troll had done an excellent job by walking halfway up to Sandvikshornet, and back down to the fork. I was carrying him up to Søvikhornet, and hoped that we would cross a stream with running water at some point. We never did, but Troll did fine, as I had brought along 0,5L of water just for him.

We reached the top of Søvikhornet 13:35PM, Torill had never been up here before, and neither had I. As such, this top was a fine bonus. The views weren't as great as from Sandvikshornet, but there was still plenty of tops to rest our eyes on. We left the summit 14:00PM, and I carried Troll almost down to the fork, where he resumed walking. We reached the trailhead 14:55PM, very content about the hike, very content about the running water just before the trailhead and very content about the 5-minute wait before the ferry to Magerholm.

Pictures from the July 23 2006 hike

Magerholm moments

1. Skopphornet seen from Magerholm (188KB) 2. Molladalstindane seen from Magerholm (221KB) 3. Molladalstindane seen from Magerholm (174KB) 4. Sykkylven peaks (105KB)

To Sandvikshornet

5. The trailhead 230KB) 6. Sandvikshornet above (222KB) 7. Troll and Torill (355KB) 8. The Coastal Express (156KB) 9. Torill on Sandvikshornet (210KB) 10. Troll on Sandvikshornet (162KB)

Wide-angle panorama from Sandvikshornet

11. Wide-angle panorama from Sandvikshornet (1597KB)

360 deg. 50mm panorama from Sandvikshornet, 2 parts

12. 50mm panorama from Sandvikshornet, part 1/2 (1441KB) 13. 50mm panorama from Sandvikshornet, part 2/2 (964KB)

Zooms towards Skodje, Glomset and Sjøholt

14. Skodje region (the place) (1397KB) 15. Nihusen seen from Sandvikshornet(927KB) 16. Glomset seen from Sandvikshornet (825KB) 17. Sjøholt seen from Sandvikshornet (273KB) 18. Shared pasture below Frostadtinden (204KB)

Zoom panoramas from Sandvikshornet

19. Rånahalvøya peaks seen from Sandvikshornet (942KB) 20. Ørskog- and Vaksvikfjellet peaks seen from Sandvikshornet (1075KB) 21. Skopphornet seen from Sandvikshornet (350KB) 22. Grytafjorden peaks seen from Sandvikshornet (1095KB) 23. Blåskjerdingen seen from Sandvikshornet (380KB)

To Søvikhornet

24. Descending Sandvikshornet (421KB) 25. On the way to Søvikhornet (233KB) 26. Søvikdalen (406KB)

360 deg. wide-angle panorama from Søvikhornet

27. 360 deg. wide-angle panorama from Søvikhornet (1368KB)

50mm panoramas, 2 parts

28. 50mm panorama from Søvikhornet, part 1/2 (1041KB) 29. 50mm panorama from Søvikhornet, part 2/2 (793KB)


30. The trailhead (307KB) 31. Sandvikshornet (260KB) 32. Aha.. (304KB) 33. View from the ferry (154KB)

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