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Saksaklepp, 1491m

Mountain area : Jondal / Folgefonnhalvøya
Fylke/Kommune : Hordaland/{Jondal,Ullensvang}
Maps : 1214-I Kvinnherad (Statens Kartverk, Norge 1:50 000)
Primary Factor: 161m (Torsnuten)
Hiked : Sep 2000
See also : Veranuten
See also : Folgefonna N.
Saksaklepp seen from Folgefonna skiing centre

Saksaklepp seen from Folgefonna skiing centre


Saksaklepp is the highest mountain in Jondal Kommune, when glaciers are not considered (the highest glacier point in Jondal is 1644m). The mountain is easily reached from near the Folgefonna Sommar Skisenter (summer skiing centre). You can park the car at approx. 950m, and walk straight up the mountain.


Looking at the Kvinnherad map from Statens Kartverk, you will see two peaks on the mountain. Saksaklepp's height is 1408m, while Bjørnafetet's height is 1491m. As far as I understand, the 1491m peak is in general referred to as Saksaklepp. The drop from the 1408m peak to the 1491m is at most 58m, which makes it logical to consider the mountain as one peak. Saksaklepp's primary factor towards the higher Torsnuten is modest - only 161m, given a 1330m (approx.) pass east of Saksaklepp.

Trail descriptions:

Note: Class ratings are in reference to YDS (Yosemite Decimal System).

There is a trail from the dam where you park the car, all the way to the summit. Given that you follow this trail to the top, this is a class 1 hike.

Lake Dravladalsvatnet - Saksaklepp (summer)

Difficulty : Class 1
Comments : See description above
Distance :
Time : 1,5-2 hours to the summit
Starting Elev.: Approx. 950m

Map of the area
Map of the area


Take highway 49 from Norheimsund to Tørviksbygd, and take the ferry to Jondal. At the Jondal road junction, continue straight ahead towards Krossdalen/Folgefonna. After 8km, take the Folgefonna exit and continue up the steep climb towards the Folgefonna glacier ski-centre. There is a fee for driving up to the ski-centre (pr. sep 200, the fee was NOK 50,-). Stop by the dam at lake Dravladalsvatnet, and park the car.

The route

From the dam, you see the two peaks - 1408m and 1491m and a small hut close to peak 1408, which the trail runs by. Continue through the gate, over the dam and locate the barely visible trail that takes you up to peak 1408. Continue down to the foothills of peak 1491 and pick up the trail that gives you a safe route to the top. The ascent to peak 1491m is steep at times, but without any difficulties.

Trip notes Sep 2000

As I parked the car, there was an insane wind blowing across the dam. I wasn't able to open the door on my side, and had to go out of the car on the passenger side. I secured Troll in the backpack, worried that he might blow away. Well onto the mountain, the wind wasn't all that strong anymore, and I could release the dog. I had some trouble sticking to the trail below the hut, but there were no problems above the hut.

On the way up, I was quite fascinated by the neighbour mountain Veranuten (1513m). I promised myself to come back to climb it. I found it a bit too windy to hike it later the same day. I reached the top after 1 hour and 10 minutes. A long drive for a short hike.

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Air photo of Saksaklepp, just below (121KB) Saksaklepp seen from the Hardangerfjord (207KB) Jondal seen from Torvikefjellet. Saksaklepp is the dual-headed peak above (114KB) The northern glacier (111KB) Saksaklepp (Jondal) (118KB) Saksaklepp seen from Jonstein (145KB) Jonstein and Saksaklepp (291KB) High Jondal mountains seen from Samlen (497KB) High Jondal mountains seen from Samlen (246KB) High Jondal mountains seen from Norheimsund (120KB) Saksaklepp (188KB) Saksaklepp and Veranuten (217KB) Saksaklepp (181KB) Lakes below Saksaklepp and Veranuten (229KB) Saksaklepp and Dravladalsvatnet (219KB) Saksaklepp and Dravladalsvatnet (219KB) Jonstein & Saksaklepp seen from RV7 (160KB) Close-up of Folgefonnhalvoya mountains from Aadni (451KB) The parking area and Saksaklepp (221KB) Saksaklepp seen on the way down from Folgefonna N (429KB) Southeast view from Hananipa (1121KB) Summit view from Kaldenuten (871KB) Folgefonnhalvoya (362KB) Folgefonnhalvoya (343KB) Gråeggi summit views (part 1/2) (1204KB) Saksaklepp seen from Gråeggi (231KB) Sunset on Folgefonnhalvøya (100KB) Above Folgefonnhalvøya (336KB)

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