Rundemanen, 568m
Blåmanen, 562m

Mountain area: Byfjellene, Bergen

Fylke/Kommune: Hordaland/Bergen

Map: 1115-I Bergen (Statens Kartverk, Norge 1:50 000)

Primary Factor: Rundemanen, 108m (est) Grønetua

Primary Factor: Blåmanen, 14m (est) Blåmanen

Hiked: Numerous times. First Apr 1999

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Rundemanen seen from Vidden

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Rundemanen is a famous landmark in Bergen, and is a crowded place in week-ends. While most hike the mountain from the Fløyen/city side, many also find their way across Vidden - the famous trail between Ulriken and Rundemanen.

But visitors also come from the north-west, north and the east - from Sandviken, Åsane and Indre Arna.

Svartediket - Våkendalen - Rundemanen - Midtfjellet - Svartediket trail

Difficulty: Easy Click on thumbnail to see map
Risk: Low
Time: 3-4 hours round-trip
Starting Elevation: Approx. 70m


From highway 585 (Årstadsveien), exit east onto Svartediksveien close to the Svartediket dam. Find parking somewhere nearby the dam.

Find the popular Tarlebøvegen trail that runs north-west along side the dam. At the northern end of the dam, exit left (north) on the trail running up the Våkendalen valley. At the top of the valley, pass the Tarlebøvatnet dam, and continue north-west on the well-used trail that begins at the Tarlebøvatnet dam. Just after you've passed an old ski-jump hill on your left, the trail starts climbing up to the Rundemanen tower.

To get to Blåmanen, pass the plateau, heading south. Blåmanen lies at the south end of lake Store Tindevatnet. The lake is easily seen, running long in the south-north direction.

To get back to the starting point, return from Blåmanen to the start of the Rundemansvegen road - a wide trail/road that leads to the Brushytten hut. From Brushytten, the myriad of trails begin. (One of the main trails north-west to Sandviksfjellet begins here. If you take a little detour, you can get Sandviksfjellet, 417m on your list of mountains) One suggestion is to follow the trail to lake Skomakerdiket, then follow the trail to Svartediket that passes Starefossen. If you have not been here before, ask around how you get to Svartediket. It's a little difficult to describe all the turns and small roads in detail. In any way, you will find your way down to the city.

Alternatively, from Blåmanen, find a trail that runs south down the mountain. At the bottom of Blåmanen foothills, the trail turns to a wider road/trail that leads to Brushytten (see above). Follow this trail for a few minutes, and watch for a trail that exits to your left. This trail goes to Fjellhytten hut and then continues to Starefossen, just above Svartediket dam. This is a proper nature trail, and you might just have the hike to yourself. On this trail, you are on a high ridge (Søre Midtfjellet, 400m) with Svartediket down on your left.

More trails to come.....


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Rundemanen seen from Ulriken, Apr 2001 (78KB) Rundemanen and northern Vidden seen from Ulriken, Apr 2001 (410KB) Rundemanen and northern Vidden seen from Ulriken, Nov 2001 (164KB) Rundemanen seen from Ulriken, Dec 2001 (129KB) Rundemanen and Bergen mountains seen from Lyderhorn, Aug 2001 (374KB) North/North-east view from Loevstakken summit (244KB) View towards Rundemanen and Ulriken from Loevstakken (276KB) View towards Rundemanen and Ulriken (231KB) Rundemanen seen from Gaustadfjellet on Holsnoy (259KB) Rundemanen seen from Ulriken (215KB) Rundemanen seen from the pass up to Nukane (195KB) Vardegga ridge and Rundemanen seen from Storsaata (274KB) Vardegga ridge and Rundemanen seen from Storsaata (167KB) Rundemanen seen from Storsaata (123KB) 13. Rundemanen zoomed in rom Løvstakken (194KB) View from above Turnerhytten (668KB) The route ahead (1371KB) Vidden panorama (924KB) Lake Langelivatnet (617KB) Rundemanen tower (96KB) View from Grønetua (889KB) Rundemanen (233KB)

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