Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Rødlandstua outskirts, full moon, Dec 6 2006

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This was sort of an ad-hoc hike. I grabbed the camera and the tripod without knowing that were would be good photo opportunities, and drove to the western outskirts of Rødlandstua, where I had never been before.

The dog and I followed a forest road upwards, first in the northeast direction, then in the northwest direction. We ended up on a ridge half-way between Middagstua and Rødlandstua. I had left the forest road a while ago (carrying the dog), and was now walking around on this ridge, trying to find a place to take a picture of the Ålesund region.

The full moon, the moving clouds and the Aurora Borealis was a brilliant scene. Seldom have I had a nicer evening walk than this.

I stopped by Fjellstua for some Ålesund pics before calling it a day.


In the Brusdalen forest

1. Living sky I (116KB) 2. Living sky II (159KB) 3. Living sky III (165KB) 4. A forest moment (235KB) 5. Sula in the distance (258KB) 6. Along the forest road (201KB) 7. Colorful sky (129KB) 8. The moon in full (91KB) 9. The moon and a veil (86KB) 10. Living sky IV (172KB) 11. Middagstua (308KB) 12. Aurora Borealis (299KB) 13. Increasing brightness (207KB) 14. Back on the forest road (236KB)

Fjellstua, Ålesund, later in the evening

15. City view (378KB) 16. City detail I (310KB) 17. City detail II (203KB) 18. City detail III (193KB)

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