Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Rødlandstua, from Høyvika, Oct 29 2006

This route is described as route #2 on the Rødlandstua main page.

My on-duty week was now over, and I had the entire Sunday available for hiking, after dropping off Anthony at the airport, early morning. Back at the house, it started to rain, and I developed a pounding headache from a bad neck. The neck is normally "fixed" within reasonable time, through a) stretching, b) one painkiller, c) two painkillers, d) three painkillers, etc.

Details are not necessary, but this was a record-bad day. Worse, I didn't even have one beer the night before! 14:30PM, I was still in really bad shape, but in desperate need for fresh air. It had been raining since I got back from the airport, but now it had stopped. I had been wanting to visit Rødlandstua from the north side, so I drove up to Høyvika, rang a doorbell and asked if there was a path.

There was a path, and 14:50PM, the dog ("Troll") and I was on it. I think another dog, a deer or something had recently walked this path, because Troll forgot all about the "don't feel like walking" game. That is, until we reached the trail junction a bit higher in the forest. Unfortunately, that "something" seemed to have followed the other path.

Troll suddenly realised he was a very old dog, and a very fragile creature. He entered the Smådalen path just as if he was entering the Vet's office, KNOWING it was the final visit. But finally, he got going, and continued to do so, until we reached the top 15:40PM. Of course, he had several stops along the way. Plan B - (Plan A is carrying him) is to keep on walking and then whistle for him. Of two evils, walking is the first, being left alone in the forest seems to be the worst.

After a short stop at the summit, we headed back down. A few raindrops were falling, and Troll kept a speed of a 2-year dachshund. "Yipppi! Back to the car! Back to the car!" The hike did me and my skull good. A hike normally always do...


1. Høyvika trailhead (300KB) 2. On the forest path (441KB) 3. Trail junction (339KB) 4. Summit comes into view (273KB) 5. Svartevatnet (266KB) 6. Troll on the summit ridge (249KB) 7. The summit (207KB) 8. Wide-angle view from Rødlandstua (593KB) 9. Ålesund view from Rødlandstua (189KB)

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