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Pilen, Jul 11 2006

Awaiting a proper Pilen page....

Pilen (103m) is a small hump located on Hessa island, a close neighbour of Sukkertoppen. People seem to go AROUND it, and not ON it.

Trip notes, July 11 2006

I had been curious about Pilen since I'd started visiting the west side of Sukkertoppen. The northwest ridge looked steep and a bit unfriendly. After a nice afternoon hike to Storhornet, I stopped by Hessa to try out this ridge.

It was a steep, short scramble. Most of the upper terrain "psyched me out", but I found a small gully that provided some sort of safety in the terrain. Once on top, I didn't see any traces of a frequently visited top. No cairn and no path. The east side is quite gentle, but as already stated, people seem to go AROUND this top.

Pictures from the short scramble

1. Rainbow across Ålesund (164KB) 2. The northwest side of Pilen (313KB) 3. On the way up the ridge (348KB) 4. The angle of the ridge (369KB) 5. Steepest near the top (307KB) 6. Pilen high point (279KB) 7. The neighbour Olsfjellet (395KB) 8. Ålesund (201KB) 9. Ålesund (258KB) 10. Trollråsa on Sukkertoppen (305KB) 11. Storhornet - where I had just been (106KB) 12. The starting point (481KB) 13. The aquarium (297KB)

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